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Top 3 Crypto Gambling Websites To Play In 2022

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Crypto games and online gambling platforms are very popular. They are totally safe and there are hundreds of people using them to earn crypto while having fun.

Online gambling sites are growing in popularity because they help people earn extra money. Most of these platforms offer modern slots and games and offer various sports betting options.

However, several factors must be taken into account so that you do not end up losing your cryptocurrencies or getting scammed. We are going to go through point by point and see which are the most reliable sites to bet and play with your cryptocurrencies.
As the demand for online gambling sites increases, many new services appear on the market regularly. However, only a small portion of them are legit and safe.

Some cryptocurrency casinos are better than others, and below is our research to bring you some best cryptocurrency casinos in the world. Therefore, the 3 best crypto-casino platforms for gambling enthusiasts are:

How to Choose a Trusted Crypto Casino?

Choosing a good and reliable bitcoin casino is not easy if you don't know what to look out for. Here are some guidelines to help you choose the best crypto casino:

License verification

To avoid dangerous bitcoin gambling, you should look for a platform with the proper licenses. A licensed crypto gambling website will be able to protect all BTC gaming users from risk.
In the UK, all online casinos must meet UK Gambling Commission standards, whether they offer real money or Bitcoin gambling.

Popular cryptocurrency for gambling

After the launch of the first digital currency, Bitcoin, many other cryptocurrency tokens were introduced in the market. For instance, in GXG Gambling Project, there has their native cryptocurrency called GXG token which can use for all purposes of gaming features or future investment in your journey. Although there is a wider range of markets, not all different cryptocurrency tokens are successful.

Top 3 Cryptocurrencies focused Gambling Platforms for 2022

Experts and casino players who have tested these casino platforms have offered their insights to help others make a decision. Here are the 3 best crypto-casino sites and what they can do:


The CloudBet site is popular with many people and its AskGamblers rating is 4.82. Users benefit from features such as 24/7 customer support, a wide range of Betsoft games and slots, and instant games.

They also appreciate the added security of SSL encryption. Additionally, customers praised the fact that they could make deposits and withdrawals in various cryptocurrencies, giving them the ability to enjoy Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Bitcoin games.
CloudBet is a bitcoin casino and real money casino founded in 2013 and is considered one of the best bitcoin sports betting sites. In addition to offering online casino options and bitcoin betting, the platform also offers horse betting and sports betting.

CloudBet is one of the top-rated platforms mainly because it offers a wide variety of banking methods. That said, you can send money person-to-person, use credit cards, make money orders, wire transfers, cashiers checks or check in the mail, and use the casino's crypto deposit options.
These include Litecoin, Ethereum, Stellar, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, Dogecoin, Tether, USD Coin, and a few others.
CloudBet allows users to use multiple devices to play their favorite games. As such, you don't necessarily need a computer or laptop to enjoy the experience. You can also access the casino from Android and iOS mobile devices.

GXG Gambling Project

The GXG is the pioneer in the crypto gambling industry by creating native tokens as GXG tokens for the players’ profits. Its reward system is based on the smart contract with blockchain technology for uniqueness and transparency. It will bring the users from online gambling to a different level with your future hopes. The whole project was started last year March 2021, after the long journey of preparing stages, got the license in Curacao Antillephone N.V recently.

The site is great of its various types of gambling games and its unique native token GXG. The total planned worth for the project is 5 million euros and may include many gaming and crypto features in the future. Popular games like Live Casino, Baccarat, BlackJacks, Slots, Table Games, Virtual Sports, Poker, etc… and several games to play with 24/7 customer support. The gaming providers on the GXG platform are the most trusted providers among the other competitors. In the role of payment method, we can deposit or withdraw with fiat currencies and also 40 kinds of cryptocurrencies.

GXG token is the original currency of the GXG gambling site and it is secured by the BSC blockchain technology. That is a kind of cryptocurrency investment while enjoying multiple GXG games. Not only you can get GXG tokens from the betting GXG platform, and also you can purchase directly on the main website GXG Defi I-gaming Platform or Pancakeswap to start your cryptocurrency assets.
Apart from the number of games and cryptocurrencies accepted, the casino is popular for many other reasons. They offer amazing bonuses for crypto gambling and it offers different bonuses like a welcome bonus and deposit bonuses. Now in GXG, the first deposit will be delivered a maximum up to 200 % bonus which will receive from your first deposit up to £ 2000.

Some of the advantages listed by players are the very friendly and professional staff, fast bitcoin withdrawals, and the many tables and slot games they have enjoyed through bitcoin games.The Stake platform was just launched in mid-2017, so it's relatively new. Although it has only been around for a while, it has managed to attract many game enthusiasts with its great features and bonuses.The company is licensed by the Curacao Gaming Commission and is available worldwide, although it has restrictions for certain jurisdictions.

Stake strives to be the best by offering a plethora of banking options. Deposits can be made with cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dogecoin, etc.New players can claim a welcome bonus on the website with Rakeback, but other bonuses are also available, such as the VIP Reload Bonus or Free Spins. Each week, players can claim a reload bonus, the amount of which depends on their wagers. The color scheme includes royal gold and dark purple, and from the main page of the website, it is very easy to access the games.


Finding the best crypto casino ensures that your funds and information are safe at all times, but also that you have a wonderful experience playing your favorite games.
There are many cryptocurrencies related gambling websites available, but CloudBet, Stake, and GXG are the top 3 real money gambling sites that accept crypto games.

Remember that this article is only informative, it is you who will have to choose and risk your bets personally and unilaterally. Be responsible and choose a trusted platform with the tips and tricks we have given you.

Crypto games and online gambling platforms are a great way to have fun and earn crypto. But as you said, you gotta be careful and choose a reliable platform. I'm glad you provided guidelines to help us pick the right one. When it comes to online crypto gambling, I personally recommend This platform is trusted and secure, with a huge selection of sports betting options. Plus, they offer great promotions and bonuses like their VIP Reload Bonus and Free Spins. Plus, they have a user-friendly interface so you can easily navigate the site.  But at the end of the day, it's all up to you. Just remember to be responsible and make sure to check the platform's license and background.

Crypto gambling is definitely an interesting concept, and I'm always on the lookout for reliable online casinos. Unfortunately, my favorite casino recently got shut down, and I'm too lazy to travel all the way to Vegas. So, I'm currently on the hunt for a reliable online casino, and I recently discovered spielcasino online. Have any of you tried it out? I would love to hear your feedback on it. But going back to the article, I appreciate the guidelines on how to choose a trusted crypto casino. It's definitely important to make sure your funds and information are safe at all times. I'm intrigued by the GXG Gambling Project, especially with their unique native token GXG. It sounds like a really innovative platform, and I'm curious to check it out.

It's interesting to see how popular crypto gambling is becoming these days!! Thanks for sharing your research and insights... It's good to know that there are some safe and reliable options out there, and I appreciate the tips on choosing a trusted crypto casino and betting site. It's also nice to see that there are some unique features, like the GXG native token, that can make the gaming experience more enjoyable and potentially profitable.. overall... great information! Tnx!

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