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Who wants to know whats the best and worst games ever in the history of games & WHY!?

For me I would have to say that Best one is "Call of Duty 2":

Worst game ever... hmmm... I'll need to think about that.  ???

the best game ever will probably be C.O.D MW3

Best games ever:
Battlefield 1942, GTA III/VC/SA, Super Mario 64, NFS Porsche, C&C1, WarCraft III + Addon, Return to Castle Wolfenstein, No one lives forever (1+2)

Worst games ever:
Gran Tourismo (the whole series), Call of Duty (Modern Warefare 1, 2, 3 + Black Ops), Battlefield 3 (because of Origin and console-"features")

best gaeme ever would be devil may cry 4


--- Quote from: Dalas on 29. February 2012., 08:36:53 ---best gaeme ever would be devil may cry 4

--- End quote ---

Dalas, thanks for Tip. :thumbsup:

Probably, I'll try them during next Month... ;)

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