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Before few days, I was discover one nice "geography site with games".  :up:

Few words about this site:

Geography Games is a nice geography site with games. There You can play and learn geography in the same time. You'll find many geography games where you can learn many new things in geography.

For example:

US Streets - Game with pictures and facts about famous streets in US.

Famous Explorers - Great geography game with most famous World explorers in our history.

Vienna Game - Vienna Geo Game. See the pictures of famous places in Vienna, read about it and then choose the right answer for it.

Romantic Places - Play this game and find out where are the most romantic towns and places in the World located.

Flags of Europe - Guess the flags of Europeans countries. Look at the flags and read some facts about them.

... and many, many more games:

Hope you'll like it?!

Finally that I learn geography :bih:

I Like this game, and advice for the children, cheers! also i find another pc games that good for child too just download plants vs zombies  ;D ;D ;D

I really love this hot game. Thank you very much


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