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Title: Heimdal Security Alert: Blackhat SEO Campaign Passes Around Malware...
Post by: Samker on 19. October 2015., 19:33:58

Careful where you click!

The Heimdal Security team has observed a blackhat SEO campaign that is currently being delivered by using compromised web pages and dozens of script injections. Attackers have poisoned Google search engine results so that users would unknowingly land on malicious web pages by simply looking for information.

Some of the targeted keywords include Java JRE, MSN 7 and Windows 8, accounting for hundreds of thousands of searches each month. Here is an example of such a result, and you can see more below, in the provided printscreen:

XXXX://mortalitymc [.] com / index.php? threads / sun-java-1-5-jre-download.119419 /


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