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Hacking Internet Cameras

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Do you have an internet camera? Do you broadcast it to be publicly access by the world?, How do you know it is publicly access by others or not?. I do have a webcam. After watching the movie clips by FOX News.

I started to grab my webcam manual and see whether there is any function to allow it to be access through a web browser. Ha, lucky it was a cheap one, that’s why, is not rich in function. Sometimes is good to have cheap thing.

After watching the clips, my hands feel a bit itching to test it out how to hack internet camera. Seem like the fox news clip is showing us how to hack instead of stopping such behavior.

After pausing and replay the video a few times. I spotted some technique use in the clips. It’s using a Google advanced search operator “inurl”.

I spotted “inurl:/view/index.shtml” and “inurl:/DCS900/Aview.html”. So, I just make a quick search through Google and as a conclusion, most sites are password locked or those if you can view which is eventually ready to be publicly view and Google just can’t find “inurl:/DCS900/Aview.html”. Ermm…maybe Google has taken out the search for “inurl:/DCS900/Aview.html”. Guess I miss the fun. For your information DCS 900 is a DLink network camera, most people just bought it and broadcast it without changing the administrator default password, therefore it can be easily access and being index by Google.

I guess that just for DLINK DCS900, how about other brand? I didn't really check it up, however if you think you are at risk. Just do some Google search operator using inurl.

Here's 2 to try... You'll be busy for hours on end....

Google Search Example 1:

Google Search Example 2:

wheww. thank god i do not have a webcam.

There another inurl one for "private" dirs on noob installed LINUX servers... they're set to public by default.  Ooops not a place to store all your "private" stuff young Billy!

cool :bih:

Nice ! Thanks !


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