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--- Quote from: devnullius on 05. March 2013., 20:24:13 ---Panda's detection is very bad. Do not use. Try Avast  >:D


--- End quote ---

Opposite Opinion:,8026.msg20312.html#msg20312


lucky patcher:
Still using MS Essensial

lucky patcher:
I don't really trust any Antiv Virus Softwave.

James Zordan:
You are right but Avast is also not a good anti-virus system because it eliminates some useful supported applications also which is needed to open other software. That's why I trusted in windows inner built anti-software system. For online platform I prefer Avira which was protected my PC.
Reasons to choose AVIRA from long time. It is preferable for me because of it's service about anti-spam system and other online services.

arpita yadav:
Thankful for sharing this information. I truly like your blog zone no delicacy on the planet. You have truly shared an enlightening and overpowering on the web journal zone with people.


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