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--- Quote from: Samker on 29. May 2009., 08:13:09 ---
Hi Sean-Paul and Welcome to SCF Community.

In my opinion this project is excellent. :thumbsup: 

As I remember Microsoft have similar project with Windows Defender (formerly Windows AntiSpyware) caled SpyNet??

Also I have another question, I want to test by myself "Cloud" AV but I'm not sure did I need to uninstall my current AV (McAfee VSE 8.5i)??

I would also like to hear your Feedback about our work here and SCF Community??

Best Regards,



I'll make this Topic sticky in SCF AntiVirus section to increase view/read statistics...  ;)

--- End quote ---

Thanks so much for the warm welcome! Collective Intelligence does have some similar characteristics as Microsoft’s SpyNet, but it’s much more than that. If you want to learn more about it in detail, we have some really great in-depth content posted on the Cloud Antivirus blog. Here's the link:

Regarding the uninstall, yes you do need to uninstall any other AV program you have running, as Cloud Antivirus AV is a full AV product with real-time protection. We also touch on this on the blog, but if Cloud Antivirus detects the presence of another AV, the Cloud Antivirus install will likely be stopped.

Great forum, and again, thanks for the welcome into your community.

You welcome my friend and thanks for positive feedback about SCF...  :thumbsup:

As I said earlier you can count on SCF Support for this project, I'll also test this AV (when find some free time for (un)install) and provide you my feedback and experience in some of next reply...

Best Regards,



My compliment for yours Blog and one question: is there some possibility to add link to on your Security Blogs List??


I'll right now add your Link to our Link Exchange Directory  ;) :

it is fast but wouldnt trust it as main security program seems to lightweight

@ Sean-Paul
Its providing a really good protection Sean-Paul. I have given some feedback too about the product. The version that is for download on detects many viruses but it just blocks it. The file remains at the place where it actually is. I suggested the support forum to introduce a feature in which when a virus is detected it automatically removes it(completely) from the PC and if it can't, the feature will provide option of deleting it or moving it to quarantine. The feature is available in main Panda software like Panda AV and Panda IS. This feature is basic one and its present in almost all free AVs like avira, Avast, AVG....many other.

I really appreciate the initiative you people have taken to make such a great security software and provide them free, but the feature which i am talking about is a basic one. Please Note it and try to include it in your next update...


Isn't this similar to the new Artemis system in McAfee Enterprise?  It sends a hash out to one of the McAfee servers to check it against possible new spyware/malware.


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