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Who's Who at SCF?, an Explanation of Member Groups


Membergroups at SCF Community !?

Here is a brief explanation of some of the various member groups that may be helping you or responding to your posts. The color types match those names you see in color in the "online list" of members:

- SCF Administrator(s) handle all aspects of the site's day-to-day operations. This includes setting configuration options, managing user accounts, and fixing site problems. The Admin(s) are also responsible for virtually all of the inner workings of the forum software features...

- SCF Moderator(s) (including: Global) are also SCF Staff whose main job is: answering to posed questions, help SCF Members with problems, watch carefully for SPAM posts and giving Admins notifications about breaking SCF Board Rules:,2.0.html ...

- SCF VIP Member(s): dedicated members and frequent posters in the forums, recognized security expert who volunteers their time to help folks with various spyware/infection problems and/or security software and Windows problems, "certified" SCF Friends, Donators (Thank you!)...

- SCF Member is someone who registers and validates their membership and utilizes the site to their advantage. SCF Member status depend on Forum posts number (explanation):

SCF Newbie: 0-10 posts
SCF Member: 10-100 posts
SCF Advanced Member: 100-500 posts
SCF Authority Member: 500-1000 posts
SCF Hero Member: 1000+ posts

Thanks for the info Samker.

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