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Rebranding! is now Samker's Computer Forum.

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Dear SCF Members,

last months We're thinking (SCF Team) about the possibility of increasing the number of visitors if we expand SCforum's activity.

Most people do not understand the complexity of PC security, they come here at SCF, solve the problem and disappear... until the next one appears.

So We decided that it's time to re-brand SCforum, after 7 Years, SCforum will change name, from Security [CENTRAL] Forum to Samker's Computer Forum.

In the future, you can expect some changes in "organisation", a little less topics about PC security and more common PC topics (general hardware & software news, downloads, problems etc.).

This would imply a change(s) of logo, of course, domain will stay the same. ;)

Feel free to comment this decision or/and to spread your ideas/thoughts in replies.

All The Best,


I guess it would restrict the name to your identity and as per me it should be a common generic name so I liked the old one more than the new one.

And I doubt it would decrease the popularity of the forum.

Excellent idea Sam...  :thumbsup: But new name should be Samker's Security Computer Forum! I agree .. :up:

Security just doesn't cover it anymore if I'm pretty much the only one actively posting...

Domain change is a no no

So SCForum should stand for something.

This being Samker's forum... And it's about computers... Well if fits just perfectly.

So I don't agree with the others here ;p

What do you propose... Sexy Computer Forum? :>

Sexy computers.... uhm...


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