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Dear SCF members,

As You probably know, The Google Play Store is a treasure trove of apps and content. However, sometimes it's necessary to install the Play Store manually, if you unintentionally uninstalled it or want to roll back to a previous version to avoid bugs.

Before few days my daughter experienced problem with its smartphone or better said problem with "Play Store" which completely losses it's functionality. I suspect that She accidentally mess up something in settings, so I tried everything what I have on my mind but without success... so, what to do ?!

Of course, use Google. ;D

Luckily in short time I found - and resolved problem. :thumbsup:

After short browsing through site content I found few interesting areas, such as:

- Download

- Play Store

- Tutorials




Don't forget to bookmark this site -just in case. ;)

Thanks for the info, is very imporant for me.

thank you for this.


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