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is there a maximum amount of Androïd apps that one can install?

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I have the following problem: all LOCAL apps, including system apps, will crash when they have to display a sufficient large (long) list of apps...



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 [Q] Max amount of apps & live backgrounds?


GT-i9300 Android 4.1.2 / Baseband i9300DXLG2 / Kernel 3.0.31-566833 se.infra@SEP-101 #1 / Android Revolution HD 17.1

I think I found two bugs? I'd like some confirmation. Also, I don't know if it's an sgs3 problem, android problem or something else.

I already had a lot of apps installed for my phone. Then I decided it was time to find 'some' live background and 'some' background programs and 'some' ringtone programs. All in all I clicked and clicked and clicked and added about 300 extra apps that looked fun enough to me.

Then I decided to actually test some of the live backgrounds. I was unable to change the background because the settings app would crash while loading the (long) list of live backgrounds. So I started to remove a lot of them again. Trimming back to approx. 100 live background, I could finally change the live background settings again without a crash.

BUT there is ANOTHER problem / bug. It seems that my total amount of apps exceeds what is allowed? For all apps that request the application list, crash (rom toolbox, app managers, default application settings, ..., ...). I resumed trimming apps, From over 800 (specific amount varies from app to app:). Now Rom Toolbox Pro works for most parts - currently I have about 640 apps - BUT this amount is still too large for the AdManager and Android's default applications settings.

SO IN SHORT: what is the maximum amount of Androïd apps that can be installed? Is it an HD Revolution bug? Android bug? Samsung? Where to look :)

Thank you & peace!


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GT-I9300 || 4.1.2 || I9300DXELK1 || 3.0.31-742798 se.infra@SEP-111 #1 SMP PREEMPT Sat Dec 22 17:04:04 KST 2012 #2 

 Sigh - there's really a problem with how many apps you can install on Androïd / i9300
Normally when ignored, it usually is because I either ask a very dumb question or a very hard one.

I figured my question on how many apps can be installed on my Sansung Galaxy Siii was a dumb one and I was doing something wrong.

Some time has passed, and a week ago I completely restored my phone by formatting all partitions (DO NOT remove your /efs! :P). I re-installed official system, modem, baseband, ... I used: I9300XXEMA2_I9300OLBEMA1_I9300DXELK1_HOME.tar.md5 (1.294.681 KB)

Then I imported all my apps and settings once more. It also worked like a charm AND re-introduced my "bug" immediately!

Problem description: all programs that locally ask for a list of installed applications (excluding MyApps from Google Play app), will crash.

The first victim usually is the regular (*) Settings -> Applications. The list at first seems to load just fine, but after a while it will crash and return to the default *Settings menu.

Then, many more programs that ask for installed programs list, will crash. I will now only mention ROM Toolbox. Since my last post, I installed a newer version. More on Rom Toolbox behaviour later.

First, to test my theorie that everything crashed just because they passed a certain max limit for installed apps, I started to remove once more many programs (Live Wallpapers, Ringtones & Background programs) were removed and hurray! Even *Settings worked again! By now, my guess for critical max appeared to be 625 applications. Still, I kept in mind that theoratically I kept installing & removing 1 buggy program over and over again that caused all the app list crashes. Couldn't imagine how, but just in case....

I started to install apps again - NO fun-programs anymore, just serious well-respected tools. And sure enough, * Settings - Applications would crash on me soon enough... Sigh!

So I went on, ignoring * Settings problem because Rom Toolbox still worked (Auto Start Manager & App Manager). But I was pretty sure that soon enough RT would crash too... And it did, last night! When I installed app number 651**

SO - pretty please - AGAIN: how many apps can be installed? The phone store told me, laughing, as many as you have memory on your phone... Doesn't seem to be the case? :S

IS THERE ANYONE WHOM HAS MORE THAN 650 APPS installed?? Please confirm or deny everything I think I found out... For I'm stalled this way!

Regards & Peace!


** not all programs count apps in the same way. System apps, no system apps, special apps, ... I dunno. But once a setting or app reaches 651 when counting the total amount of programs, it will crash...

Looks like a bad programming practice to me, that has been replicated... (using an array to store all app names, with a fixed size..). Maybe I'm wrong
(anyway... why would you have 600+ apps? D:)


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(anyway... why would you have 600+ apps? D:)

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WTF, same question... ?  :o


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--- Quote from: jheysen on 23. April 2013., 23:45:28 ---...

(anyway... why would you have 600+ apps? D:)

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WTF, same question... ?  :o

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If even the geeks ask me this...

* devnullius is SO disappointed in the world and the stupid questions it keeps throwing at me...



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