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New Androïd Startup Management Tools


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Devnullius's Favourites (in no particular order):

- ES Task Manager (
Remarks: Suggest:Enable means: 'Is a System Tool' and Suggest:Disable means: 'Is not a System Tool'
- System Tuner (
All round a VERY nice all-round android tuner.
- App Ops Starter (many alternatives)
'App Ops' is the Android 4.3's and 4.4 Hidden App Permission Manager. This is a new Android feature for startup management - with a twist. Instead of listing your programs and setting permission flags on or off, this tool shows the last programs that "did" something. There you can chose to remove those permissions.


Also Good:

- Gemini App Manager (


Works nice, but I encountered crashes at some point...:

- Startup Manager (Full) 4.1
I have warez version that started to crash somewhere going to app number 400 to 600. I liked this one very much.
And while I write this, I found out it started working again! Strange bug, I did disable a few more startup programs, but... That shouldn't interfere with this programs functioning! At the moment I have even less free RAM than usual (avast bug: after scanning new apps... :s)
- ROM Toolbox Pro (
I have warez version 5.9.5. This is a special and sad story. It is my FAVOURITE startup tool (it shows current running processes and gives detailed management over startup flags per app). BUT...
See: "Max amount of possible installed android apps?",8119.msg21855.html#msg21855 . In short: Rom Toolbox cannot handle more than 600+ installed apps. Then, the list will crash when displaying all your apps. Also remember there is a bug on android 4.2.1 (Samsung i9300), where even the system list of your installed apps would crash... See:,8119.msg21101.html#msg21101

That's about it - but I'm still open to suggestions :)

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What about "Android Assistant":



--- Quote from: Samker on 09. December 2013., 19:39:57 ---What about "Android Assistant":


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:) I had seen it before, but it's not a startup manager. Only an after-the-fact task killer... not the same! ;p



Have you checked up this McAfee Security Innovations McAfee Mobile Security?

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► Safe QR Reader - Ensure the QR codes are safe for browsing

► Data Vault - Protect your private photos, videos and documents from prying eyes, locally on your device. Backup your data vault to Dropbox to ensure you have access to your most private moments in case you’ve lost your device.

► Hidden Device Admin Detector - Detect and remove applications that are hidden from the list of device administration applications.

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*** UPDATE ***
Now includes Hidden Device Admin Detector to detect and remove applications that are hidden from the list of device administration applications. There is known malware (Android/Obad.a) that can take advantage of this vulnerability to hide itself from the user once installed and activated. If you are infected or want to detect any apps that leverage this vulnerability, download and use this feature.

One other thing devnullius:
The Pink collared text is very difficult to read.  ;)
All most like the white you did not use. ;D


--- Quote from: Pez on 10. December 2013., 09:06:53 ---Have you checked up this McAfee Security Innovations McAfee Mobile Security?

--- End quote ---

I'm still rebuilding - there were a few handy McAfee apps (I remember a dial tool* to protect against dialer hijacking and more).

So while I do not like McAFee on Windows, I'm starting to dislike Avast on Android... Maybe I should go McAFee all the way on Droid? We'll see... :>

Thanx for the tip, added! (But I'm not sure what it has to do with startup management...;p)




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