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Android apps for the sysadmin: which android tech tools can't you live without?


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Android apps for the sysadmin

by Jason Hamilton on October 4, 2013 in Software, System Administration

If you have your smartphone or tablet with you all the time, you might as well get the most out of it. For IT professionals, some of these apps for Android may make your device even more handy.

In no particular order…

PC Monitor      Monitor up to 5 systems for  for non-commercial use. It ties into the service at, if you trust them on your mission-critical systems.

DroidDia prime      Diagram with simple shapes or custom images.

ActiveDir Manager   $4.99   Manage your Active Directory Users and Computers from your Android device.

Cura – SysAdmin      A bundle of remote sysadmin tools.

Ping & DNS      A few network tools at your disposal.

SysBull – SysAdmin Excuses      When all else fails, this app will generate some buzzword/tech jargon loaded excuses for you to use and save your weekend.

AWS Console      This app allows you to view Amazon EC2, ELB, RDS, and CloudWatch Alarms.

Clipper – Clipboard Manager      View your clipboard and take control of copy/paste.

Automatic Call Recorder      If you deal with a handful of clients or can’t always take notes from phone calls, this app might save your bacon by recording that conversation so you can refer back to it later.

NetAudit tcp port scanner      A port scanner for your Android device to discover a network.

devcheats      This app contains cheat sheets for developers to refer to on PHP, Python, jQuery, Apache, regular expressions, and more.

Fing – Network Tools      Network discovery, ping, traceroute, and other network management utilities.

VX ConnectBot      An open-source SSH and telnet client with SCP file transfer abilities too.

Unified Remote      Your Android device can act as a remote for your PC over WiFi or Bluetooth.

IP Subnet/Supernet Calculator      Calculate the network information you need to determine the possible subnets and hosts on a network with conversions between decimal, binary, octal, and hex.

Pingdom      Connect with the Pingdom uptime monitoring service to see the status of your servers and websites.

PushBullet      Transfer information between your devices and Chrome on your computer. This makes it easy to do research on a computer and send it to your Android to take it with you.

Hacker’s Keyboard      Need to type with lots of random symbols? This keyboard has it all.

dSploit      A security pentest kit in one app. Only one (open source) tool to rule them all! :D

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There are lot actually - need to add few here!

iSpotTalent (
Videostream (
Worldwide Marketplace (
Smart Cleaner (
Dropbox (

Thank you for the links, bu are you sure they are "admin" tools...? ;p

--- Quote from: kellyjones on 28. June 2014., 08:36:18 ---There are lot actually - need to add few here!

iSpotTalent (
Videostream (
Worldwide Marketplace (
Smart Cleaner (
Dropbox (

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