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Title: Windows 8 Black Screen of Death - BSOD Evolves
Post by: Amker on 26. April 2011., 17:29:43
Evolution will reverberate from the surface to core of Windows 8, and apparently will also introduce an overhaul for one of the trademark components of the operating system, the Blue Screen of Death.


The good old BSOD moniker will survive without any problems, as will its inherent connection to a critical Windows system error.

However, according to information available from the latest leaked copy of Windows 8, a Milestone 2 release, Microsoft has opted for a monochromatic alternative to the much derided blue nuance associated with crashes in Windows.

If the changes introduced in Windows 8 Milestone 2 (M2) Build 6.2.7955.0 stick, then users should get ready for Black Screens of Death and the retirement of Blue Screens of Death.

A leaked screenshot of the new Windows 8 M2 BSOD was followed by a video which illustrates the new Windows system error screen in action.

The old Blue Screen of Death was getting old if you ask me, not that customers have managed to see many of them if they switched to Windows 7.

So a change in the manner in which Windows crashes are reported to the user is welcomed, I dare say, although blue or black, users are bound to dread coming across any BSOD.

Considering the advances in terms of stability introduced in Windows 7, and assuming that they will continue in Windows 8, especially around driver errors, the overall reliability of the next generation of the Windows client should only increase.

Having run Windows 7 on multiple machines, including all my home computers, I have to say that BSODs have become somewhat of a rarity. I sincerely cannot remember the last time one of my computers crashed with a Blue Screen of Death.

It’s only naturally to expect continued investments in reliability and stability with the advent of Windows 8.

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