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Exscudo ICO Investment Tutorial

A short tutorial on how to buy EON coins available during the Exscudo ICO
Powered by EON Blockchain:
From the original post by @timcliff here:

As an avid gambler, I have been quite interested in the Peerplays project. Taken from their website (, Peerplays is the world’s first peer-to-peer betting platform built entirely on top of a live blockchain. It is built using Graphine, which is the same blockchain technology as Steem!

Peerplays has already raised over $4,000,000 dollars through their crowdfund, and they are aiming to raise another $5,000,000. In the current 'tier' (which is 32% sold out at the time of writing this post), you can purchase tokens at $5/ea. (After the current tier sells out, they will go up to $5.20/ea, then $5.35/ea, then $5.45/ea.)

Their interface to purchase tokens has been recently upgraded, and is a lot easier than their old method! To purchase tokens as part of their crowdfund, follow these steps:

     1.Go to
     2.Click the "Download" button to save your public and private keys.

     4.Really - Save them. Back them up! Do it now!!
     5.Check the checkbox that says you understand lost keys cannot be recovered.

     6. (Optional) Estimate how many dollars worth of Peerplays coins you can purchase per BTC sent.

     7. Click "Continue"
     8.Send the BTC to the address specified.

     9. Wait a bit for the transaction to clear. (It might take a few hours.)
    10.Go here and enter the public key (from the public/private key pair above) to see how many coins you have:

Here is the info on claiming coins:

If you are interested in learning more about the crowd fund, you can read about here:

Or check out their website here:

Disclaimer: This post does not constitute investment advice. Please research before making any investment decision. Be sure to read all instructions/information on the Peerplays website before making a purchase.

You can also view the old bitcointalk thread, with all the updates it includes, here:
Firewall / Re: 5 best windows firewalls
« Last post by dreamankara on 28. April 2017., 18:39:27 »
Windows / PC / Re: List of Run Commands in Windows 10
« Last post by dreamankara on 28. April 2017., 18:35:44 »
thanks for the large list, O0 O0 really thanks. -
Windows / PC / Re: Windows 10 activator online
« Last post by dreamankara on 28. April 2017., 18:34:03 »
skype's good idea!!
good job.!
Windows / PC / Re: Power Point 2010
« Last post by dreamankara on 28. April 2017., 18:20:42 »
 do you get any error code?
Windows / PC / Re: The Best SSD for Laptop ?!
« Last post by dreamankara on 28. April 2017., 18:18:11 »
In my experience... Samsung still provides the best SSDs, especially with the EVO Pro - See more at:
Anti-Virus (Security Suite) / Re: Good antivirus software?
« Last post by dreamankara on 28. April 2017., 18:16:52 »
my Favourite TrendMicro.
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