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CryptoCurrencies Base / Coinbed – The NEW Heaven for ICO Owners!
« Last post by MelissaLiberson on 26. April 2018., 00:09:07 »

The world of Cryptos is something that’s on the rapid rise and so are the upcoming ICOs. However, as time is going by, it is only getting tougher and tougher for ICO creators (owners) to have their ICO get listed on the Exchanges. It could be said as the TOUGHEST possible thing to get your ICO listed and unfortunately, it is the MOST important aspect.

The problem is that people who got the massive budget might just go through with alternatives. But the trouble strikes for the “ORDINARY”, as not only people with limited budget get their ICO stuck with no exchange willing to allow. And even if some allows, it comes with such lengthy process that it literally KILLS the momentum and when finally the listing happens, it becomes very much meaningless. Therefore, the change is not optional but REQUIRED. That change is called “CoinBed”.

The name Coinbed is not an instant attention seeker, but it is definitely the name that’s gaining popularity and place on the list of ICO owners, it is an exchange with a different touch. It is into the FINAL stage of development and ALREADY opened to welcome ICO/Crypto owners to get their coins added to the exchange platform.

Not only it is a SIMPLE, EASY and CHEAP process to get your ICO listed on this exchange, but it is highly secure as well since Coinbed is a registered (licensed) Exchange Company based in the UK.

So, make the move now to the future not just for ICO Owners but for everyone!

You can contact CoinBed via email: or visit the website

"P.S: We are looking for legitimate coin owners only. If your coin will not stand the test of time or your company is hoping to scam, please don't even bother contacting us because we will know after asking from you a few requirements and will not accept your coin inclusion."
What exactly is Social Media? Let’s be simple here. A place where you spend your time by doing something that is “TIMEPASS” for you. But wait, it is not exactly “TIMEPASS” for the owners of Social sites! “HOW”? Just ask Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, as over the years, his company (Facebook) and other social media giants earned billions from your “TIMEPASS”.

Are you still not sure how? It’s SIMPLE; it’s by selling YOUR DATA, it’s by FORCING YOU to watch ADS! In short, it is by destroying your Private life to EARN without your PERMISSION!

Who cares? As I can’t do anything anyway, is this you? Then think again! You can do A LOT and even get rewards for your effort. We today are here to introduce you to something that will change the way you look at Social Media sites and guide you to the ultimate route of FREEDOM from the Social MAFIA!

We introduce you to “TOUCH SOCIAL”, it’s developed and created to ensure that no ever AGAIN can steal your data and sell it without your permission, not even US! We have created the platform that will change the whole landscape of Social Media. We will install the MUCH NEEDED comfort for you to be at ease with your private data.
TouchSocial is not just created to give you privacy, security or comfort, but it is also created to help you get rewards for your CONTENT. We have come up with the solution that was always required, but the giants of the industry NEVER wanted it to be revealed, but now it’s on!

With TouchSocial, you will have the option to lease your data for profits, so the only one who makes profits is YOU! It’s a RARE creation, which will enable you to earn from your interaction and due to the Blockchain technology, it is a truly decentralized experience!

Such high scale project like Touch is cannot be completed without equally high quality team. It is our priority to have BEST of the BEST minds behind the scenes working and that’s exactly what we got.

We have the BEST possible team handling the stuff, which is to ensure everything is in tip-top shape and always ahead of time, but it is also made sure that there is user-friendly structure. It is to bring comfort for every user and to help them engaged into thing with ease.

TouchSocial unlikely other ICOs, it doesn’t aim to drag things. We are aiming to ensure everything is done in “RECORD” time yet not letting the quality of the product suffer one bit.

We aim to complete some major developments over next 6 months, which not only will take our project to the peak but will also give people the IDEAL platform to look at. So, come be part of this thrilling experience, as Touch brings the “SOCIAL” Back to “SOCIAL MEDIA”.

The token sale has already started from 20th April, so do not miss this opportunity to join something truly revolutionary!

You can also join the Airdrop to get up to 25,000 $TST simply by visiting:

Get to know further about us from below:

Official Website:




Social Media Links:

- Telegram:
- Facebook:
- Twitter:
- Reddit:
- LinkedIn:
- YouTube:
- YouTube:
- Instagram:
- Email:
Ambit Mining ICO ! Fully Equipped 5 MW Hosting Facility!
#Blockchain Foundry (@BlockFoundry) continues its expansion!
Here's a short bio about one of their latest team members; #FullStack #Developer: Rana Ahmer Yasin #syscoin #fintech #bitcoin $SYS
Neblio University
Buy and sell any cryptocurrencies with one click! Try our platform:
CryptoCurrencies Base / Re: : Public BETA is now LIVE!
« Last post by vindyne8 on 25. April 2018., 19:29:29 »
Dear all,

Earlier today certain exchanges and blockchain projects have reported an ‘overflow’
vulnerability that has affected certain ERC-20 based tokens across the board.
After conducting due diligence on ours, we can confirm none of Spectre’s smart contracts (including SXUT and SXDT) are affected.
All arithmetic in contracts is using safe math and during audits prior to release we check for under/over flow.


Spectre TECH
Hurry! Only 11 days left to join the Grain token sale!
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