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Promotions, Giveaways & Contests / Re: ANT_GAMAL's - Mixed Giveaways
« Last post by ant_gamal on 21. August 2017., 16:29:45 »
Antgamal are you from the developers of Ant.Downloader.Manager? :up:


just a name
#ATBCoin #ATBCoinNews

Dear Investors!

As you know, on August 15th, 2017, the second stage of the ATB Coin ICO began, together with our partner, the well known Chinese cryptocurrency exchange,
Due to the great activity of our investors and numerous questions about the amount discounted, we have decided to increase the bonus percentage for the 2nd and 3rd rounds:

Round 2nd: August 20th to August 25th – 15% discount

Round 3d: August 25th to August 31st – 10% discount

Crowdsale of the innovative technological cryptocurrency will last until September 1st, and all our investors still have the opportunity to increase their investment portfolio on more favorable terms.
You can purchase tokens on both the ATB Coin website and

We remind you that the official blockchain network launch is scheduled for September 1st, 2017.
At the moment, the beta version of the wallet is available for the public to access, the main feature of which is ATB Codes. Other advantages of ATB Coin include the use of modern technologies such as Lightning Network and Segregated Witness. The main vector of ATB Coin development is the increasing introduction of micropayments into everyday life.

Please don't forget about our Telegram chat and Slack.
Online support will help you with a pleasure!

Also you can add us by Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, watch ATB Coin YouTube channel or visit our Website and view Whitepaper or legal documentation.
Chit-Chat Caffe / The Third Wave of Web Hosting
« Last post by oonfun on 21. August 2017., 09:56:19 »
The Main Wave - ISP Wave

The main wave of Web hosting began amidst 1990s. At the time, there weren't generally many web hosting organizations. Web hosting was a piece of ISP (Web access Supplier) operation. Inside two years, the quantity of ISPs had developed from a couple of handfuls to a couple of thousands in Joined States alone. Numerous investigators predicated that the solidification of ISP industry was unavoidable. In any case, the experts didn't give careful consideration to the eventual fate of the web hosting. The web hosting customers for ISPs were most little to medium-sized associations which couldn't offer to have dedicated Web association.

The Second Wave - One Arrangement Hosting Wave

As extensive media transmission organizations going into the ISP business and the predominant of broadband association into both business and private structures, a couple of driving ISP, for example, AOL had gotten private clients from little ISP organizations, and media transmission organizations had stolen or procured business customers from little or local ISP organizations. Due to the economy of scale, ISPs couldn't rival either AOL, Comcast or Qwest for Web association benefit. Most ISP organizations were vanished as quick as they were risen.

Then again, the development of the Web has pushed the second wave of web hosting. The web hosting organizations offer hosting administration at a small amount of cost of what ISPs used to charge. Rather than the Web hosting administration from ISP, which is frequently tweaked for every customer somehow, the possibility of one hosting plan has developed the customer base from a couple of hundreds to several thousands at few driving hosting organizations in a couple of short years. Todays' web hosting organizations don't offer Web association benefit by any means. It's amazing that early ISP organizations had never endeavored to change themselves into web hosting organizations to survive the unavoidable solidification of ISP industry.

The Third Wave - Hosting Plan for Clients

Prepared webmasters can without much of a stretch setup another website in minutes with one of their favored hosting organizations. Fledgling webmasters are regularly befuddled by the different web hosting plans - moderate web hosting, Modest Web hosting, ASP Web Hosting, Spending plan Hosting, Dedicated Servers, Online business Hosting, FrontPage Web Hosting, Hosting With Formats, Oversaw Web Hosting, PHP Web Hosting, Reseller Hosting, Shared Hosting, Unix/Linux Hosting, Virtual Private Servers, Windows Hosting and Co-area Hosting.

The measure of the Web will keep on growing exponentially as an ever increasing number of individuals join the crow to make their own particular websites. On the off chance that web hosting organizations don't anticipate that regular person will comprehend working frameworks, programming dialects or varieties of web servers, they'll build up the administration and offer the hosting plan that'll bode well to normal Mary. New   plan will be marked as far as what is can improve the situation hosting clients, rather than specialized popular expressions.

The Web hosting industry has been appreciating sound development as the worldwide economy and IT industry restores. It's too soon to see the tide of the third wave in Web hosting at this moment. In the event that the first and the second wave of Web hosing were pushed by the begin of another financial cycle, the happening to the third wave may not be an exemption either.
Are you searching good web hosting companies info view detail Top 4 Web Hosting
Holiday is about to end, and students are going to back to school. DVDFab now releases the Back to School Promo (Aug. 18 – Sept. 10) for you to backup or convert your treasurable holiday DVDs/Blu-rays/videos at a favorable price. Get the chance to enjoy it!

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All-In-One Lifetime Gift, which comes with a $20 Amazon Gift Card, provides all-inclusive solutions to all DVD/Blu-ray/video issues. You can enjoy 25% OFF if you buy it now!

2.Save 35% on Hot-selling Bundles
We provide 35% OFF during Aug. 18 - Sept. 10 on bundles like DVD Creator + Blu-ray Creator, Ripper Suite Pro and Copy Suite Pro. If you want to burn video to DVD/Blu-ray, convert DVD/Blu-ray/video or make DVD/Blu-ray copy, you can never miss these bundles.

3.Storewide 25% OFF
You can also enjoy 25% OFF on all other products (Movie Server is excluded) in this Back to School promotion.

For more info,you can visit:
Promotions, Giveaways & Contests / Re: ANT_GAMAL's - Mixed Giveaways
« Last post by monstertruckpa on 21. August 2017., 01:32:23 »
Antgamal are you from the developers of Ant.Downloader.Manager? :up:
Korea — A Qtum Adventure
Very recently Qtum traveled to Seoul, S. Korea to meet with people interested in the project. Qtum's co-founder, Patrick was joined by John, Stella, and Xiaolong, who presented for nearly 90 minutes. There were a lot of topics covered, so this is a summary of the highlights. The meetup was held at Seoul’s D.Camp, one of the largest startup ecosystems in Korea, and was attended by over 100 people from the local blockchain industry.

Read the full blog post here:
Promotions, Giveaways & Contests / Re: ANT_GAMAL's - Mixed Giveaways
« Last post by ant_gamal on 20. August 2017., 16:16:55 »
OnePlus 5 International Giveaway!
uudecode for windows added. If your gmail attachment is blocked, View Original - Download Original (save as .eml).

Launch UUDecode, add the eml file (view *.* all files) and press convert. You can doubleclick on the right and open the file.
Promotions, Giveaways & Contests / ibVPN Ultimate Review & Giveaway
« Last post by ant_gamal on 19. August 2017., 18:43:34 »
from here

ibVPN 5 Ultimate plan accounts each good for 6 months (Part of Promo2day Forum 2nd Anniversary Celebration).

Giveaway Rules:

1. You MUST enter the Giveaway through the Gleam widget present in the blog post here

2. The more entries you have, the more chances to win.

3. Some options give you daily entries.

other rule in link above
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