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New review by Young And Investing:
Bitmillex: The Next Generation Cryptocurrency Platform That Is More Than Just A Mere Exchange.
Airdrop: Sign up to receive 50 BTML coins Free.
Thank you for adding #Holdvest ICObench
Just over 5 days left to claim your 20% bonus.
There is so much you can do with a smart contract. In order to make smart contracts even smarter, we are working on providing a set of libraries for different programming languages, that will allow you to pull external information into the #blockchain
Neblio API Suite and Docs v1.1.1 for all 8 languages is live at Neblio University!
v1.1.1 builds on the new APIs in v1.1 announced earlier today while also combining the Testnet and Mainnet APIs so that developers do not have to switch back and forth!
Blockchain Interviews - Dan Wasyluk & Sebastian Schepis from Blockchain Foundry
Ladies and gentlemen,

We have lift off! On March 30th, 13:30 pm UTC Blackmoon platform went live and opened up for user registration and verification. After 6+ months of continuous team effort from all our departments we are glad to celebrate this milestone with our community. Now is the time to ensure that this successful lift off is followed up with an equally successful journey towards reaching our main target in becoming a benchmark solution for asset managers in the blockchain industry.

Please read more and share our new April digest -


- Questions concerning the registration/verification process
- Secondary Market development
- Digital Marketing
- Blackmoon Events
- New team members
- Altcoins and BMC price dynamics

Important disclaimer:

Investment in cryptocurrencies carries high degree of risk and volatility and is not suitable for every investor; therefore, you should not risk the capital you cannot afford to lose. Please consult an independent professional financial or legal advisor to ensure the product meets your objectives before you decide to invest. Regional restrictions and suitability checks apply.
Meet ZenCash on OpenLedger DEX

OpenLedger DEX Team is pleased to announce a new coin available on the DEX: ZenCash.

ZenCash is a digital currency derived from Bitcoin, with improvements from Zcash that add private transactions, network security and resilience, and an ongoing funding and governance system.

But it’s more than a coin. The ZenCash blockchain is a platform designed for private communications and private economic activity. Communications, agreements, transactions and value can be transmitted and stored securely.

An integration of revolutionary technologies creates a system over which innovation can accelerate, by combining three functions that are traditionally done separately:

1) transactions

2) communication

3) competitive governance.

This is done in a secure and anonymous manner, using a worldwide distributed blockchain and computing infrastructure.

Cutting-edge end-to-end cryptography and zero knowledge proofs enable fully anonymous peer to peer communications. And ZenCash’s distributed and encrypted networking design is resistant to traffic correlation and metadata analysis, meaning bad actors struggle to ‘reverse-engineer’ information about users.

OpenLedger DEX users who want to buy and trade ZenCash will find the currency in their dashboard at login.

Available Markets:







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