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Chit-Chat Caffe / The Great Hearing-Aid Rip-off!
« Last post by Cherry99 on 24. March 2019., 19:56:17 »
Recently I've been having problems with my hearing so decided to get it tested.
Went to my local shop and they said I have about 40% hearing loss!
So then we get the prices:
$6000 for 2 state of the art hidden devices.
$1500 for a more visible model.
$650 for the standard behind the ear model.
All with 60 day money back guarantee!
Decided to leave it for now and do my homework.
Found some Internet sites where a specialist comes to your home, tests for hearing loss but quotes a lot less for the aids.
All with the 60 day money back guarantee - They don't do a behind the ear model.
What a rip-off!!!
Do people really fall for this and pay such marked up prices?
Beats me!!!
CryptoCurrencies Base / Re: Litecoin Forecast
« Last post by MelissaLiberson on 24. March 2019., 15:34:07 »

Litecoin much like ETH remained very much flat with the level 55-60 in main focus. So a breakout point is likely to come and the overall picture does indicate it will go for bullish trend. It is not a bad chance to go for buy here, especially with right risk management.
CryptoCurrencies Base / Re: Ethereum Forecast
« Last post by MelissaLiberson on 24. March 2019., 15:32:59 »

Ethereum was surprisingly flat this week, as it stayed below stuck between 130-140 mark, but it could just be a temporary thing with major possibility of it crossing 150 levels. It looks as a good opportunity to go for buying here.
CryptoCurrencies Base / Re: Bitcoin Forecast
« Last post by MelissaLiberson on 24. March 2019., 15:31:27 »

Bitcoin stayed below 4k levels, although we did saw it breaking pass in a minor way, but was far from anything noticeable. It’s a level that’s looked with high interest, because that could decide up for the direction of the market. It won’t be a bad time to go for buy here.
CryptoCurrencies Base / Re: EUR/USD
« Last post by MelissaLiberson on 24. March 2019., 15:19:05 »

EUR/USD pair finished the week in bearish pattern, as the pair dropped intensely almost 150 pips. We did saw slight recuperation yet by huge the pair stayed down all through. It will be great chance to go for long trade here, as the inclination of this pair is frequently to regain often.
Strategic asset allocation outlook 2019

The Strategic Asset Allocation (SAA) review process is an essential part of any investment strategy to systematically achieve long-term investment targets.

This year’s annual review of our SAA broadly confirms the adjustments we made in previous years. The key innovation in this year’s SAA is the introduction of a new building block – risk premia strategies – which aim to further diversify mandates and stabilize their returns.

The SAA is the most important determinant of a portfolio’s performance. Meeting investment objectives while controlling for risk tolerance is the central pillar of our investment philosophy. AAUC conducts an annual review process to ensure that the developments in financial markets and global economies are accurately reflected in our discretionary mandates and advisory model portfolios. This diligent approach helps our clients achieve an optimal risk-return trade-off.

Positioning for 2019 and beyond

The Capital Market Assumptions (CMA), our five-year forward-looking expectations of returns, volatilities and correlations across a wide range of asset classes, form the basis of all portfolio construction. This year’s SAA review was conducted against the backdrop of increased productivity growth, global monetary normalization and a projected recovery following the market correction seen in 2018. Although we see a higher probability of a global economic slowdown over the next five years, the probability of a recession remains low over a one-to two-year horizon. Returns for most asset classes are expected to edge higher, while their relationships (e.g. correlations and relative rankings of returns) should remain broadly stable. We maintain our growth-oriented exposure in the SAA.

Risk premia strategies as a new building block

To further stabilize portfolio returns, we now include a small, yet meaningful allocation to market-neutral risk premia strategies. Carefully-tailored risk premia strategies are particularly effective for portfolio diversification thanks to their lower return correlations with core asset classes, i.e. bonds and equities. Moreover, they are designed to improve the risk-reward characteristiAAUC of our mandates and allow for a quicker and more cost-efficient multi-asset class exposure.

SAA for clients with a medium risk profile

The outer circle gives the weights for each asset category, whereas the inner circle (clockwise) provides a breakdown of each category into asset classes in order of appearance in the legend of the chart.

Important Information:

This part of the material: (i) aims to provide macro-market commentary; (ii) does not contain any statements or advice in relation to any specific marketable security or financial product; and (iii) does not take into account your personal circumstances and should not be treated as any form of regulated financial advice, legal, tax or other regulated service.

Most trading platforms you come across are based on the fundamentals of individuals studying the trade market and trying to assert the perfect bull’s eye for a profitable trade. With the constant fluctuations of most cryptocurrencies, it would take more than human expertise to strike the trade iron while it is burning hot.

Introducing Clonestorm

Clonestorm is an online trading platform that combines the efficiencies of both human expertise and machine precision. This hybridized system provides members with a trading platform that helps them to maximize and take advantage of any trade while maintaining the perfect radar aiming for the next loophole. This platform has the habit of assisting its members in growing their assets exponentially.

Why Clonestorm Trader?

Every online trading platform has some elements of risk attached to it, but Clonestorm has the edge of good risk management. The Clonestorm platform is based on some management rules that protect the interest of every client.

Every client matters

Under the trading platform of Clonestorm, the primary assignment is to accumulate assets for every client within the restrictions of a well-guided cost implication. The risk limitation on the clonestorm trading platform sees to it that every client’s capital stays at the verge of profitability.

Adapting well with market fluctuation

Given that crypto-currencies are never stable, the Clonestorm platform has proven adaptive strategies that are poised for garnering assets irrespective of market fluctuations.

You are always in the know

With the combined system of artificial intelligence and strategic analysts, you will always be kept abreast with trade information. The Clonestorm platform allows its traders to access market info at will; it is like a private banker accessible for all.

Expert trading

Every crypto-trading bot assigned to trade on your behalf is an automated replica of an expert trade made by an expert trader. This expert trading was based on strong technical and fundamental strategies. This AI trading gives you the benefit of profiting directly from an expert trade.

Automated Failsafe

Every crypto-coin traded with is governed by a capital preservation strategy; this means that when the market is poised for losses your trade will automatically activate stop-loss settings that preserve your capital and minimizes risk.

Other than activating stop-loss settings, Clonestorm trader leverages on an automated Bitcoin crash failsafe that changes all your Bitcoin into stablecoins. This Bitcoin crash failsafe stops trailing to maximize profits. These stablecoins are used for repurchasing when the market balances up maximizing your capital accumulation.

You own the rights to your funds.

Clonestorm trader only has trading access to your funds, and it’s secure because it is trading on your account. You reserve the right to withdraw your funds at will. Trading is only done via the exchange link. When you are assigned a bot, you also have the right to determine how much is reserved for exchange and how much should be traded with. You can always change this in your settings.

The exchanges that are supported on the Clonestorm platform are considered safe and are quite difficult to hack. The Clonestorm platform lacks the rights to withdraw, and even in exceptional cases of the breach of data, hackers can’t access your funds on the exchanges you linked to the bot. In this regard, you can choose an exchange trade that you are quite comfortable with.

Trade passively 24/7

With an assigned bot, you have the benefit of trading passively. You don’t need to monitor market prices or fluctuations as the bot will always be at your service. You may likely keep other jobs or may be involved in other businesses and still trade. This is one of the unique features of Clonestorm that most trading platforms lack; this feature would be of immense benefit as it affords you the ability to multi-task.

Compatible with any operating system

Clonestorm isn’t a techno-racist as it runs on any operating system such as Windows, Mac, Linux, and similar sorts.

The user interface of the Clonestorm trader is very easy to use and understand. You can create your account this minute and navigate through it like a pro as tutorial videos are available to aid your understanding.  The Clonestorm trading platform is quite easy to set up. You only need to attach the tool to your chosen exchanges where you wish to trade with your crypto-currencies and pick a trading technique.

Once your unique bot is set up, it will purchase and sell signals on the exchanges you selected. Once this is set up, your trading is set on auto-pilot. But you can always change the settings anytime you deem fit. You also don’t have to stay logged in to trade as the bot performs every trade on your behalf. API keys are automated to key-start your bot once your account is created and trades are done on your behalf following expert signals.

Multiple exchange support systems

Clonestorm has a secure exchange system that is available in multiple countries and has proven to be hassle-free in the funds transfer. The Clonestorm team is always working on improving the exchange support system, and all its members will be informed once a new exchange has been added to the Clonestorm Trader system. However, if your favorite exchange isn’t listed on the Clonestorm exchange list yet, but you would still like to be able to partake in its trading techniques or strategies, create an account and transfer some Bitcoins in one of its supported exchanges.

Adaptive marketing strategy

The Clonestorm trading strategy encompasses a mid to long term profit accumulation. The Clonestorm trading invests in altcoins and sells them when the demand is high for a higher price to boost your Bitcoin profits. The Clonestorm trading platform is based on the analysis that Bitcoin would indeed bloom again and would be quite expensive so every strategy is targeted towards accumulating Bitcoins that would be sold expensively at a later time when Bitcoin thrives again.

AI Assisted Expertise

Experienced traders and technical strategists vividly analyze all trades on the Clonestorm platform. All trades done are scrutinized by an AI platform that reduces the risk of human error ensuring that a profitable trade is never missed.

If you are searching for a trading platform where trading is carried out seamlessly without necessarily having to monitor the trend in the market, then CloneStorm remains your best choice as the bots are there to assist you in getting the best out of the crypto trading market.

Official Website:
Windows / PC / Re: I did not know that - getting old indeed: chkdsk win 8
« Last post by manav on 23. March 2019., 06:52:09 »
Thanks to sharing this article to us this is great to read. we are also a good service provider in your area come and
visit us to a splendid service.
CryptoCurrencies Base / KYCBench Attending Paris Blockchain Week Summit
« Last post by KYCbench on 22. March 2019., 23:01:29 »

It is obvious that the main purpose of the conferences is considered to be the exchange of experience and direct communication. Many conferences have the opportunity to learn something new, therefore KYCBench team is choosing the most attractive events to benefit from constant learning, networking and marketing.

Paris Blockchain Week Summit is the flagship event of Paris Blockchain Week –first international blockchain conference in France and KYCBench is getting ready!

Organizators promise, that during two days, discussions around EU regulations, stable coins, decentralized exchanges, security tokens, scalability issues, recent advances in consensus mechanisms as well as renowned speakers from the best blockchain and digital asset companies in the world will share their stories and insights on the market and its prospects.

KYCbench, your reliable KYC partner
GDPR & ISO/IEC 27001:2013 compliant

Please contact KYCbench today, the most reliable ID verification processor at:

Join our Telegram Groups:
KYCBench Announcement
KYCBench Community
CryptoCurrencies Base / Japan’s “White List”
« Last post by KYCbench on 22. March 2019., 22:28:31 »

How new cryptocurrencies listing will change the balance of power in the global digital asset market?
Japan is an important Asian jurisdiction, where regulation of the Bitcoin market and cryptocurrency in their broader sense is considered one of the role models for the rest of the community. The country of the rising sun, if you remember, first began to consider Bitcoin in the framework of monetary legislation and formulated clear rules for the operation of cryptocurrency exchanges.

It is also important to note that the Japanese Yen, as of March 14, 2019 (according to the Coinhills), is leading the globe in Bitcoin trading with more than 45%. In second place is the US dollar (about 44%), in third place is the Brazilian Real (3%), the Korean Won is located nearby (2.79%). EURO is closing the top five with only 1.7%.

The cryptocurrency exchange services in Japan require a license issued by the local Financial Services Agency (FSA). At the end of February 2019, only 17 companies had this license. Although Japan does not have a legally allowed list of currencies for trading and distribution, the 17 coin operators in circulation are usually referred to as the “White List” of cryptocurrencies - there are a total of 21.

In March 2018, licensed Japanese crypto exchanges created the Japan Virtual Currency Exchange Association (JVCEA) self-regulatory organization, which, along with the FSA, was empowered by the government to develop legal regulations in cryptocurrency industries and blockchain technologies and was officially accredited in October 2018.

The association is lobbying the interests of leading representatives of the industry, and is also trying to add new cryptocurrencies to the already mentioned FSA “White List”.

Considering the world's largest scale of investment in Bitcoin, as well as the white list of cryptocurrencies secretly approved by Japanese law, we can say that local investors have great potential for investment in digital assets.

KYCbench, your reliable KYC partner
GDPR & ISO/IEC 27001:2013 compliant

Please contact KYCbench today, the most reliable ID verification processor at:

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