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CryptoCurrencies Base / ICO owner’s FIRST choice!
« Last post by MelissaLiberson on 24. April 2018., 23:16:04 »
The single toughest thing is getting your ICO listed and that’s where not only BIG budget is required but also BIG level of patience is needed. However, all this changes with Coinbed, it is becoming ICO owner’s automatic PICK!

Not only to do in terms of low cost, but to do it in RAPID pace. It is the option, which just can’t be MISSED IF an ICO owner is reading! Be part of the FUTURE for BETTER present!
Many of you have shown interest in our ROI calculation method. So, we would like to share with you the document that best demonstrates what stands behind those profitability numbers.
In the spreadsheet, you can find detailed calculations regarding the projected revenue for the first year.
Go to > Documents > Calculations

Watch spreadsheet explanation video

Feedback / Re: Ping timeout
« Last post by Fintech on 24. April 2018., 19:09:16 »
Please explain to be exact what you really mean? I don't understand what you mean!.... ::) :police:
These past few weeks have been incredibly exciting for Modex and we're thrilled to share the progress we've made with the Modex Marketplace, including the Modex developers tools ecosystem we are currently working on.
Join us tomorrow for our weekly Q&A and find out all about it! 2P.M. CET or 9:00am EST

We've come a long way with the Modex Marketplace, since we launched on March 15th: 65 published contracts, 133 sales and 92 compilations.
We are grateful to all the developers and clients who have joined our platform so far!

#Syscoin 3.0: The New #Blockchain Application Development Platform for #Leaders, #Inventors, and #Innovators #fintech #masternodes #assets #ZDAG $SYS
Respected angel investor and in-demand advisor Yehoshua Westover has joined Plaza Systems as Director of Business Development & Innovation, Greater #China
Feedback / Ping timeout
« Last post by 6uy5trgefds on 24. April 2018., 15:14:48 »
Facing request timeout often, during and sometimes even without vpn, internet is fine, how do i identify root cause?
McFly Aero: Technology incubator focusing on the emerging urban air taxi market. McFly encourages and facilitates collaboration between air transportation companies to create less expensive urban air travel and bring it to more cities.
Airdrop: 150 MFL Tokens free.
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