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Author Topic: OpenLedger - You are in Control doing it "Smart Trading Decentralized"  (Read 44954 times)

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OCASH Progress Report

OpenLedger ApS is eagerly anticipating its token launch for OCASH, the first all-in-one payments card. The new OCASH token, called OCASH (OCS), will be launched in Q4 2017.

We know you have also been eagerly awaiting this launch and we thank you for your support while we assure we are ticking all of the boxes for legal compliance prior to release.

OCASH brings the international card payments system to the OpenLedger network, allowing token holders to use Stablecoins (SmartCoins) including bitUSD, bitEUR, bitGBP, and Rubles — plus other OpenLedger tokens such as OBITS, BTC and ETH — to purchase items anywhere that accept international payment cards.

There is no other payment card on the market to offer this option using Stablecoins to pay and withdraw any kind of crypto instantly. The OpenLedger team is making progress on developing a world-class payments system that is steady, and compliant on all levels and areas of operation. This process may take more time than intended, yet the outcome will be groundbreaking and worthwhile.

This crypto-friendly payment card is not only uniquely equipped to improve upon the entire spectrum of regular debit card and banking services, but also gives the 2 billion population who are unbanked an easy way to access funds and make transactions.

Again, we thank you for your support and patience and look forward to the release

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The Lates ICO/ITO News from OpenLedger

How Does Centz Work?

Centz is the world’s first gift card exchange that allows a user to collect all their balances into one spendable lump-sum that can be used to buy any other goods or services.

Centz developed their patent-pending platform to help people maximize their unused gift card balances, filing two patents to protect their business model, creating a unique blockchain-encrypted security system to prevent gift card fraud. Additional patents will secure the IP that surrounds and extends to the core technology.

Centz has changed gift cards into a secure and mobile form of currency, represented by its own token, Centz Gold Bucks (CNTZ). Users can register all of their gift card balances on the Centz mobile wallet, enabling them to have their gift cards in their pockets at all times.

Centz ITO Starts on 25.11.17

Read More About Centz



Sola Increases Your Social Media Power and Your Revenue

With Sola, you do not have to be a celebrity or an influencer to reach a huge audience. Everyone gets an equal chance to spread their ideas and news, since there are no friends or followers lists, so every post has the chance to spread like a virus.

Sola, formerly known as Plague or Plag, is a public, decentralized, social information network governed by the users. The content in Sola is produced by quality-oriented members, and is meant for a global audience. Content creators are the key asset of the social network and the drivers of its development.

CEO and Co-founder of Sola, Ilya Zudi, explained, “It is critical for a social service to create quality content. This is why we consider content creators as partners, and we share with them a part of our revenue. Revenue distribution between the content creators is performed based on the endorsement given by other users in the Sola app.”

In Sola, there is no entrance threshold, so a user can start making money from the start. Secondly, the user doesn’t need to make new connections, as there is no such notion. Solas’ spread algorithm will take care of this, while assisting the user in accessing audiences. Lastly, there is no need to become a “pro” content creator to monetize your content, as any comment or card allows users to make a profit.

Sola ITO Starts on 27.11.17

Read More About Sola



Choose a Crypto Trader and Earn Together With Investy

Investy is the world’s first decentralized investments platform, offering ease of use, transparency, safety and reliability. Their mission is to unite experienced traders and novice investors together, in one platform.

The revenue created from the Investy platform will be formed from subscription fees for services and commissions.  Token holders will receive reduced commissions: the more Investy tokens are in a wallet, the lower the commission is.

Tokens will be used as subscriptions for services on the platform. After investors no longer need the services, they can sell them on the exchange. If you are a beginner and do not know how to “enter” the crypto-market, or what to do after your Bitcoin purchase, the Investy platform will put you at ease. The Investy platform is decentralized and does not have the problems of the classical investment sector: lack of transparency or a lack of trust.

The Investy platform provides protection to clients’ funds, because there is no direct transfer of assets, plus increased protection from any type of fraudulent transactions. We really care about the safety of our clients’ funds.

Shortly, Investy will have their first prototype. In December, they will add the alpha version of the trading terminal in demo mode and then proceed to the serious task of building the trading terminal. They have a full roadmap, which will result in a working prototype with many useful functions, including the subscription function.


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Holidays are just around the corner, warm sweaters and presents are waiting! But before you go on your vacation and relax there are still some of the coolest ITOs happening this year. Who are these ITOs, how they’ll change the world and how you can be a part of them?

Join Ronny Boesing, the CEO of OpenLedger, to gain rich insight to the most promising ITOs this year, including Investy, Sola, Centz, GetGame, Karma and Razoom. Don’t miss out on your next opportunity!
What you’ll gain from this webinar?
•  Exclusive overview of the top 6 ITOs of OpenLedger;
•  What are the goals of these ITOs — how they’ll change the world;
•  How you can contribute and benefit from these ITOs.


• Ronny Boesing — Founder and CEO of OpenLedger

• GetGame — blockchain based, all-in-one development platform for game creators and developers who want to bring their dreams to life

• OCASH — the first all-in-one payments and banking card, bringing the international card payments system to the OpenLedger network

• Investy — platform for decentralized investments, enabling investing in cryptocurrencies, funds, portfolios and individual traders in an accessible, transparent and safe way

• Sola — the next-gen decentralized social platform governed by users, empowered by own nodes, IPFS and Ethereum blockchain

• Centz — world’s first gift card solution that allows you to collect all your balances into one spendable lump-sum credit that you can use to buy any other goods or services

• Karma — blockchain based platform for creating social and economic interactions between people all over the world from loans to direct exchange of goods and services

• Razoom — Platform for writing, executing, arbitrating, guaranteeing the standardization of smart contracts

Join us on Monday, November 27 at 18:00 GMT

OpenLedger DEX Opens New Gateway for KRM (KARMA) Token

Karma is a globally decentralized, peer to peer (P2P) blockchain-platform for creating social and economic interactions between people all over the world.
Karma fixes the issues with traditional banking – high interest rates and limited access – by utilizing P2P model.

• The Karma project uses an approach that’s new in the financial sector by creating an open community which is establishing social and economic relations with existing financial institutions, cooperative and P2P lending platforms, giving them a chance to become a part of this ecosystem.
• Karma is developing a cross-border capital exchange, increasing the liquidity of resources all over the world and the adjustment of interest rates.
• Creating a foundation of networked communities where groups of people accumulate competencies in scoring, insurance, portfolio management and other financial services. Every member of the community values their reputation, so they do their best work in every transaction.
• Establishing an open market to access funding. Using the decentralized ecosystem on Karma, users can determine interest rates, collateral volumes, return dates and types of assets used as collateral or credit for various types of transactions.

Start trading on the OpenLedger DEX:


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XPO (XRONOS) coin gateway now open on OpenLedger DEX

XRONOS is a totally new type of cryptocurrency secured by the system of exchange rate stabilization (XRSS) and supported by markets of its application.

The goal of XRONOS is to create the first truly stable cryptocurrency.

XRONOS mission is to establish truly decentralized, stable and largely applied cryptomonetary means of payment that will boost the process of transformation of fiat money into cryptocurrencies and help transfer from the outdated banking system to the new stage of development of the world economy.

You can find out more about Xronos on official site.

In addition to the new gateway:
• We fixed issues with the AIRBitz login;
• „My Market“ section has been updated – new type of currency sorting available;
• Transwiser and BitKapital are no longer supported and are disabled on the deposit/withdrawal page.

So start trading today on


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OpenLedger Referral Policy Changes

It gives us great pleasure to announce that today we change our referral policy on OpenLedger. From now on every Life Time Member inviting new user into OpenLedger via their own referral link (can be found under “Membership” tab in account menu and seems similar to, where “ronny” is the name of your account) will receive the maximum possible 80% of fees generated by invited user (it was previously 30%). We hope that these measures will make affiliating more interesting and profitable for active social players (bloggers, media partners, publishers), which we then hope will have a significant impact on BitShares network growth and development.
p.s. You can also invite people through wallet, using the link similar to (changing “ronny” to your own LTM account name) and get the same percentage of fees.

Yours sincerely, the OpenLedger team.

More information about OpenLedger:
More information about Life Time Membershipt and its fees:
Example of newly referred account:


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2 years Proven Results For the World to Audit, an Open Ledger on the Blockchain

Within the period of 23 months, from January 2016 until now, and on the base 50% to 100% of all revenues generated on the BitShares network related activities, performed by the OpenLedger Decentralized Conglomerate of ecosystems, the equivalent of $1,980,000 USD was used to buy back and burn 2,524,000 OBITS out of a total of 18.276.898 OBITS.

This USD amount is based on the values on the dates that the buybacks and burns were performed. The remaining amount of OBITS stands at 15,752,000. At today’s value, it can be said that $2,500,000 USD was spent on the supporters of the OpenLedger ecosystem, who are the OBITS holders. The real value of $1,980,000 USD, however, means that 16% of the total supply was removed within less than 2 years, which is an 8% reduction of supply year on year. In the same two years, the value of OBITS went from $0.10 USD to now around $1.00 USD.

The Company behind it all

Within two years, OpenLedgerhas managed to build a name for themselves with more than 150,000 unique user sign ups on a three year old, well established, BitShares based blockchain, offering its users a fully functional, financial trading platform running inside every single user’s own browser-based web wallet.

A quick tour on what we have already accomplished will be presented in another article coming up in connection with the video we have had produced in connection with our meetup in Aalborg early November, it is worth noting that we started out with a capital of less than 1 million USD + 1,6 mill seed capital back in early 2016 and with an already spend of 2 million more or less from March 2014 to Feb 2016 (own funds), and already now we have a steady increasing user base making use of the worlds most exciting financial trading platform, we have the worlds first decentralized conglomerate of ecosystems of which the trading platform, advertising, marketing and crowdfunding are already producing revenues, this way all of them supporting the monthly distribution performed on OBITS, ICOO and BTSR stakeholders.

Listed more than 20 times in Forbes magazine, OpenLedger has been developing many of the products needed to satisfy mainstream consumers in their daily lives. OpenLedger will be releasing their first four products in 2018; eDEV – The OpenLedger freelancer platform; GetGame – The OpenLedger incubator platform; Apptrade – The OpenLedger stockmarket of apps; and OCASH – The All-In-One payment card.

OCASH has the potential of being utilised by millions of individual’s worldwide, with speedy and transparent money transfers, and less time spent wrapped up in bureaucratic paperwork, or even with banks who are more interested in securing their annual turnover than looking at the needs of everyday man.

The DEX (decentralized exchange) and foundation of OpenLedger DC

In so many ways, the OpenLedger browser-based web wallet is working as each account holders’ own bank, with users private keys located in the cookies, allowing complete privacy and security.

The characteristics are of the OpenLedger DEX are Speed, Transparency, Trust, Privacy, Acceptance, Compliance, Multi-sig accounts, and Smartcoins (of which some are known as stablecoins) – the only place these are offered worldwide.

OpenLedger has created an increasing amount of crypto gateways to give access to this financial toolbox of features, and the place where anyone wishing to be in control of their own funds can call home. BitShares, with its Graphene toolkit, is the most speedy of all blockchain based trading platforms, with a proven test net result of 3000 transactions per second, 3 secs per block, and more than 60,000 operations within each block. More than 600, 000 transactions were made daily in the last 11 months, and the most transactions of all blockchains were recorded a few days ago, with more than 1 million transactions within 24 hours.


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OpenLedger DEX Opens New Gateways for XDRAC and ESC tokens

Escroco it is an Escrow and insurance service that aim to connect investors with borrowers in a way that lower the risk and maximize the profit and that is through building a system that eliminate the common problem that often take place between investors and borrowers. Escroco token (ESC) developed on a basis of Waves platform.

How Escroco work in short?
When someone wants to offer an investment opportunity with us we verify their identity and we freeze some of their token (quantity will be agreed on in negotiation) and then we assign safety fund equal to that of the token that was frozen If the investment opportunity deliver the terms and the interest that is just business as usual however if they do not deliver for any reason we terminate that package investment and liquidate the freeze and the safety fund and distribute to the investors that have lost some or all of their capital

Find out more about

Drac (XDRAC) aims to break the boundaries of convention. A digital token perfectly designed to seek stability and correct the volatility that drives the general public away.

Continuous cyber-attacks on large cryptocurrency storing and trading platforms, have become an increasing threat to the economic system. Consequently this has exposed a critical vulnerability, presenting a problem that has yet to be concluded with a viable solution.

Imagine a platform that’s characterised with the unique capability of complete prevention against all attempts of breach; in addition, offering a currency that cannot be subtracted.

Drac strives to break the boundaries of convention, aiming to revolutionise the general perception of digital currencies. What it offers, is a digital token that’s perfectly designed to seek stability, consequently correcting doubts of volatility that typically stimulate speculation within the general population.

Instant money transfer at a national and international level. No need of POS and transactions commissions free (possibility to receive micropayments).

Find out more


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To All of Our Community! Happy New Year 2018!

Happy New Year 2018!
We are very happy with our results in the past year and we will work even harder in the new year to come!

Within two years, we at OpenLedger have managed to build a name for ourselves with more than 150,000 unique user signups on a three year old, well established, BitShares based blockchain, offering our users a fully functional financial trading platform, running inside every user's own browser-based web wallet.

A quick tour on what we have already accomplished will be presented in another article coming up in connection with the video we have had produced in connection with our meetup in Aalborg in early November. It is worth mentioning, that we started out with a capital of less than 1 million USD and 1,6 million in seed funding back in early 2016, with costs exceeding almost 2 millions from March 2014 until Feb 2016, having to use our own funds to back these costs. At this moment we have a steady increasing user base making use of the world's most exciting financial trading platform. We have the world's first decentralized conglomerate of ecosystems of which the trading platform, advertising, marketing and crowdfunding are already producing revenues, supporting the monthly distribution performed on OBITS, ICOO and BTSR stakeholders.

Thank you all for your support and participation in the future of the social media.

Sola team and our technical team were doing additional security tests for the smart contract that will execute tokens’ creation and distribution. Making sure that everything is safe is essential, and security is a top priority over speed here. Additional tests was completed on December, 27 and token distribution was finished on December 29.

You will see them in your ETH wallet specified in the purchase order. At the same time, SOL will be available on Etherdelta and will follow on OpenLedger DEX, in a few days.

Check The Details

Congratulations to Karma Team!


Do you hold 'OBITS.WARRANT' on the Bitshares network?? - Last day to execute your conversion to 'OBITS'

Holders of OBITS.WARRANT have the right to convert 1 OBITS.WARRANT to the Openledger 'OBITS' token during 2017 for the cost of 0.16 BitUSD per OBIT.WARRANT
This offer is only available during 2017 and as of the 1 January 2018 these OBITS.WARRANT tokens will be invalid.

Please see the asset description HERE for official guidance. A copy of the asset description can also be found below

OBITS warrant 2017
Every OBITS Warrant gives you the right during 2017 to convert to not publicly released OBITS tokens. Per 1 January 2018 these OBITS warrants will then be invalid. Conversion rate: 1 OBITS Warrant + 0,16 BitUSD = 1 OBITS token.
OBITS Warrants are offered as part of certain ICO's presented by OpenLedger as a bonus offer. The % of paid amount at the moment 10% will be used to buy OBITS Warrants on the market and then burn existing OBITS tokens.
Redeem your OBITS with OBITS.WARRANT, please send to Ronny Boesing, CEO of OpenLedger on e-mail, telling your interest and same time send to account: obits.warrant2017
The OBITS.WARRANT you wish to redeem + 0,16 bitUSD per OBITS you wish to redeem with mentioned warrants
send to account: obits.warrant2017
Thank you

At current market price of OBITS according to CoinMarketCap is $1.50 USD and prices are $1.57 on the Bitshares DEX.

This means that any holders of OBITS.WARRANT could claim their OBITS conversion (at a cost of 0.16 BitUSD each) and receive OBITS giving them a $1.40 gain per unit converted.

Please be aware that conversions are done manually and price may change before conversion is completed.

According to Cryptofresh there are still 191 traders that have not executed this right.

Wishing everyone a happy 2018 and a safe and enjoyable NYE!


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First distribution of this new year 2018

Attention!! First distribution of this new year 2018 will take place on January 4th and not the normal 2nd of the month. It goes for both OBITS, ICOO as well as BTSR. Happy New Year. Let's rise together with a forever glowing spark!


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OpenLedger DEX Launch Karma Token OPEN.KRM as New Gateway

The OpenLedger team is happy to announce the opening of the Karma gateway. Now all OpenLedger users and anyone else on the BitShares network is be able to participate in trading the Karma (KRM) token on the DEX.

Once more, would like to take this opportunity to congratulate our partner project with a successful ICO. The Karma Project raised $10 MLN with a total sale of 1,500,000 KRM tokens (on the last day the token was sold at 0.01 USD). We are proud to have been their PR & Marketing partner during their token sale, and with a final blockchain presented only a few weeks after the closing of their ICO, one has to say this ICO has delivered as promised and we are looking forward to seeing how the project will evolve in future.

On the 11th of January OpenLedger DEX represented by Danish OpenLedger ApS and the Korean exchange CoinLink, Korea have officially opened the trading of the KRM token, and already in its early hours it has achieved a total of more than 10 Million USSD equivalent in transacted trading volume. Congratulations!

It is possible to start trading on the following markets already showing volume on OpenLedger:











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