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Title: Tips for Cleaning a Glossy-Screen Monitor
Post by: Samker on 15. January 2008., 21:54:03

If you've received a new laptop or LCD monitor recently (or might get one later this week), there's a good chance you received a "glossy" or "anti-reflective" screen with it—and a better chance it'll be pretty smudged by this weekend. Luckily, ZDNet's The Apple Core blog has a few tips on restoring a glossy screen's luster that apply to any system. Along with letting the monitor cool off and choosing a microfiber cloth, you should:

Clean in small sections ... Dividing the display into small areas and then polishing until the entire screen is streak-free will work better than broad swipes with the cloth.

Of course, your standard LCD cleaning rules apply to any screen:

How to Clean an LCD monitor

Apple offers a simple three-step guide for cleaning your LCD monitor:

1. Turn off the computer or display. You may need to turn off the computer in order to turn off some Apple displays.
2. Dampen a clean, soft, lint-free cloth or paper with water only.
3. Wipe the screen. Do not spray liquid directly on the screen.

This may have been common sense to many of you, but I'd been putting off a much-needed clean for a while because I didn't want to destroy the beautiful, mysterious screen. Since my instinct was to use some rubbing alcohol or glass cleaner (boy was I off!) to get the job done, I'm very glad I checked beforehand. Alcohol on your monitor can cause damage to the coating and dry out and crack the plastic. You can use mild, non-alcoholic detergents (and Apple does endorse one), but I'll probably stick with water for now.

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 How do you keep your new glossy display from looking like an elementary school tech lab system? Offer up some wisdom in the comments.