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Topic Summary

Posted by: Anastasia
« on: 27. January 2022., 13:10:08 »

Play to Earn is a term used to refer to games played with NFT or blockchain in the background what helps the player Items, characters, or items in the game can be traded between players. Also within the game system by trading the game’s cryptocurrency.

Let's get to know Play to Earn, GameFi 7 Top Games of 2022. Take a look at the investment risks and see what other games are interesting and where to find them.

What is Play to Earn?
Play-to-Earn or GameFi (Blockchain-based Gaming + Decentralized Finance) is a game where Blockchain and NFT are integrated into the game system. To increase the efficiency of the game, it is possible to trade items, characters, and in-game items between players. The owner can be authenticated and verified using the blockchain system.

This will help give real value to the in-game rarity or whatever because it can be traded with any Cryptocurrency and the share of game turnover depends not only on the developer. It can help players make money and economy system in-game trading mechanisms and price settings depend on player and server settings more involved in decision-making processes. It's interesting because if in the past people thought playing games was a waste of time to make a living, now Play to Earn is in the process of getting people playing games to make tangible money. One of the news stories that were very popular in the middle of last year was that Filipino children can make money playing the game Axie Infinity. If you like playing games, Play to Earn should be a very interesting investment solution this year and next.

Play top 7 to earn games of the year 2022
Axe Infinity

Axie Infinity is a hot NFT game on the Ethereum chain. The style of the game is a turn-based card game (like Heartstone, Seven Knights) that can be played on both web and mobile devices. In which players must form a team of characters to experience adventures in different ways, either PVE against the computer or PVP against other players.
Apart from being a fun game to play, the game is also interesting in the form of Play to Earn where you can earn money directly by playing the game. You get rewards in cryptocurrencies like SLP and AXP that can be spent in-game. and can increase the value of crypto to trade crypto market binance.

Strange Worlds (alien worlds) is a game played on a computer browser or Handy Simulate the atmosphere of searching for places and minerals in the alien world which allows you to mine TLM coins (Trillium), one of the currencies cryptocurrency is passed in the game and there is an opportunity to earn NFT cards, which are a form of digital assets. which can be traded on a centralized marketplace like the AtomicHub website.

My Neighbor Alice

It is a farming game that can be played online with others. The game can be downloaded via Steam and uses Alice Coins as the medium for various transactions.
In the game, you can grow vegetables, breed animals, fish, and develop your own urban area. And the development of these urban areas is not only productive. Because we can open online for friends to help with quests or other activities on our map.
Of course, the land in this game needs to be bought in order to own it by using Alice Coins in the game system currently available in the game. Binance or Pancakeswap, the coin is on the BSC chain.
The Sandbox

A land management game set in an NFT world where you can own land. Play games created by yourself or someone else or do various activities on the land where characters and assets can be sold, using SAND coins as the base currency.
The sandbox is what we call Metaverse, it's a gaming universe, and Defi, in which many games or companies participate, is an interesting project. and has a very distant future.

So Rare
Fantasy Football Game to Make Money Cryptocurrencies can be free can start playing without having to apply for a wallet before you start playing So Rare. More than 180 licensed football teams from Liverpool, Real Madrid, FC Bayern, Atletico Madrid, PSG are available, as well as new team updates. added every week.
Including many famous soccer players’ cards, there will be levels of Uncommon, Limited, Rare, Super Rare with only 10 servers per season or Super Rare Unique cards with only 1 card per season.


As a gamer, you need to invest in buying in-game cats at the beginning to collect in-game coins namely HCT, and use them in different game modes. The first two days of mining are driven by the game. But then, every day at noon, Hero Cat adjusts its mining rate based on the number of people and total mining power. Digging capacity has been greatly reduced. But we can upgrade cats to increase mining power, similar to games like Mobox,
Strom Hero Cat has already opened an open beta that has added many different modes to the game. Leader hero cat Go on an adventure, play games, try different levels, collect rewards.

GXG Horse-racing

GXG Metaverse Gaming Platform will be launched in 2022 to open up a brand new chapter with a virtual entertainment world where people can develop games independently, play and socialize between the players, and create the Gaming Finance (GameFi) related NFT characters.
On the platform, not only the games developers can make profits for designing the games but also the players will get the virtual assets from playing and participation in GXG meta-event.
The Metaverse Game developed by the GXG team is called Horse Racing which will give you incredible moments with the NFT role named “Raceshores”. Total circulation of 1000 NFT roles will be available for sale. Each NFT from GXG has unique attributes and pedigrees for the players. The distribution method for the system is blind box and whitelist. According to its high economic reward model, the win rates and bonuses attributes will be different. Holding the NFT horses is not only having the chance to participate in a competition to collect bonuses but also can sell the horses in the NFT Market and to obtain “stallions” through mating. NFT horse from GXG metaverse has uniqueness for serving a permanent asset for a holder from horse racing and will continue the holder to earn game bonuses.(J^x2TSMvRj1COh0^)
If you are the one who wants to explore the new NFT gaming projects, more info at 

Invest risk in gaming to earn
However, Play to Earn is relatively new and many games are still in development. Now, the risk of in-game economies being controlled by in-game players has both advantages and disadvantages. including the developer himself that can also harm the game system.

The most dangerous risk is taking the money the players paid and pulling a rug to escape. Defi-Farm would be no different than a chain share.
The other risk is the volatility of the prices of the items in the market. You must also check the price chart of this coin, sometimes you trade at the wrong time. instead of gain, it can turn into a loss.

However, Play to Earn is not just playing games, it also requires other skills such as chart viewing and trading which also takes time to learn. Because every investment carries risks. But to play the game It's concrete and has come so far. It shows that the possibilities of this world are still very far away.

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