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--- Quote from: yogesh.badhe on 07. December 2009., 19:37:05 ---Can we use Zone Alarm as an additional firewall with windows in-built firewall?

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Yes, ZA give you much better protection than Windows FW.

--- Quote from: yogesh.badhe on 07. December 2009., 19:38:44 ---I am using Mcafee 8.7i currently without patches. Does Zone Alarm will provide additional security without any problem? Can any one explain me about this...

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Even that ZA is excellent FW I don't have good experience with them in combination with McAfee AntiVirus v.8.5 (very very slow startup).
I'm not test them with v.8.7!

agnel paul:
wat is personel zone alarm passward.?
 O0 :down: plzz... let  me get the conclusion.... and wat do i do to get the passward.. th personla passward... thnk ya ...

Hi Paul.

Don't know what's problem?

--- Quote ---Download:
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This is direct download link, you don't need pass. for installation.



thank you very much

it's interesting to note than virusscan enterprise (all builds) do not play well with zonealarm products.Mcafee recommends uninstalling buffer overflow protection when using free zonealarm


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