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Panda Cloud Antivirus - The first FREE Antivirus from the cloud with the power of a global community.

Panda use cloud computing technology, which they call Collective Intelligence, to detect viruses, malware, rootkits, and heuristics. It takes advantage of "millions of users," according to Panda, to identify new malware almost in real time. Panda says that Collective Intelligence can classify new malware in under six minutes, and that it handles more than 50,000 new samples per day. The Cloud Antivirus works by classifying threats into executables that must be scanned immediately, and non-executables that are checked at a lower priority--usually when the computer is idle.


- Antivirus & Antispyware protection from the cloud

- Anti-Rootkits protection against hidden threats

- Online & Offline permanent protection

- Improved offline protection by disabling Autorun on your PC

- Behavioral blocking of new & unknown threats

- Advanced configuration and exclusion for experts

- Product localized into 20 different languages


ok will test it .but question is , how secure it is?
is that free version can delete all virus which it able to detect?

Zhang Fei:
For the curious, Panda Security is an EU company founded in Spain, not a Chinese one, as might be implied by its namesake. I personally think - given the recent disclosures about Chinese hackers tied to the Chinese government - that the Panda name is definitely an unfortunate one for a computer security company.


--- Quote from: azazur on 01. May 2009., 07:08:04 ---ok will test it .but question is , how secure it is?
is that free version can delete all virus which it able to detect?

--- End quote ---

My name’s Sean-Paul and I'm a Threat Researcher and Security Evangelist at Panda, and I just came across this thread. I'm excited to see the discussion here on Cloud Antivirus.

azazur - to answer your question, it detects just as much as other Panda AV products, so it's pretty secure.

With that said, I hope you're liking Cloud Antivirus, and please let me know your experience and thoughts with the product. It's very helpful to hear feedback since this is a beta.


Hi Sean-Paul and Welcome to SCF Community.

In my opinion this project is excellent. :thumbsup: 

As I remember Microsoft have similar project with Windows Defender (formerly Windows AntiSpyware) caled SpyNet??

Also I have another question, I want to test by myself "Cloud" AV but I'm not sure did I need to uninstall my current AV (McAfee VSE 8.5i)??

I would also like to hear your Feedback about our work here and SCF Community??

Best Regards,



I'll make this Topic sticky in SCF AntiVirus section to increase view/read statistics...  ;)


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