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CryptoCurrencies Base / Re: CreditBit 2.0 - ETH Migration - March 8
« Last post by bettyngo on 19. July 2018., 22:39:24 »
OpenLedger Supports BitShares Bug Bounty Program

OpenLedger has recently voted for the ‘Hack The Dex’ worker that allocates funds to support the Bitshares Bug Bounty program.
A worker is an elected position that is paid to fund the new blockchain infrastructure. Thanks to the funds stored in the reserve pool, BitShares can pay for its own development and protocol improvement and to support and encourage the ecosystem growth.

BitShares Bug Bounty Program initiative
Right now the users do not have any external incentive to disclose the critical bugs, their exploits and techniques, and to avoid using them for personal gain.

The bug bounty program is proposed to endorse anyone who found a BitShares vulnerability accidentally or intentionally and disclosed it so that the vulnerability can be eliminated. The proposal will employ the allocated funds to reward the users relative to the overall risk assessment of the exploit they found.

The higher the payout for critical bugs, the more incentive there will be to attract higher quality researchers, and ultimately providing better security coverage for the DEX.
Funds will also be used to build and maintain a basic public website for reporting vulnerabilities.
 … It will also lay the groundwork for future HackTheDEX worker proposals to improve the security and safety of BitShares as a whole.
‘Hack The DEX’ worker proposal

Supporting security initiatives
Being one of the key players in the Bitshares ecosystem, OpenLedger is highly concerned about users security and welcomes any reasonable initiatives to make BitShares safer. That’s why we’re supporting the Bitshares Bug Bounty Program and spreading the word about this proposal.

Our team also welcomes any feedback regarding the security of OpenLedger resources and products – feel free to drop all the related messages here. Thanks in advance!

Board Rules, News & Announcements / Re: New banner
« Last post by DavidMichael on 19. July 2018., 14:05:34 »
Great design your new banner.
Best of luck
Board Rules, News & Announcements / Re: SCForum Translations !
« Last post by DavidMichael on 19. July 2018., 14:03:53 »
Thank you Samkers for give me a very useful information.
Thanks for giving me a information
Congrats for all forum members to join this SCF Community
Board Rules, News & Announcements / Re: We're looking for Moderators!
« Last post by DavidMichael on 19. July 2018., 13:57:36 »
Dear Friends,

We're looking for several volunteers who can function as Moderators in SCforum.

Tasks will be:

- Letting people know about our forums (posting elsewhere)
- Assist people who need help within your specific field
- Keep an eye on postings made in your category, and remove inappropriate messages if necessary
- And of course, create postings on things of interest to others!

What does moderation involve?

Basically you check the forums at least once a day and use the built-in moderation functions to handle any problems that come up. You’ll automatically receive an email whenever a forum member reports a problem, so in many cases you’ll be alerted to problems before you even visit the site.

Your privileges will include the ability to delete threads and posts. You’ll also be able to send private messages to members. The forums will require registration with an image-based verification process for all members, so you shouldn’t have to worry about automated spam attacks.

Depending on how many qualified people apply to be moderators and how popular the forums become, we could have multiple moderators per forum or multiple forums per moderator. I’ll aim to maintain a good ratio that keeps the moderation duties fairly light. On most days moderators shouldn’t have any problems to address at all.

If you decide you no longer wish to moderate, you can quit at any time. I just ask that you give me reasonable notice (two weeks would be great) to find a suitable successor.

Why become a moderator?

Anyone who’s moderated a forum already knows how rewarding it can be. If your goal is to fill an ego-based need like status or popularity, you probably won’t make a good moderator. A good reason to become a moderator is that you love helping people and are looking for an outlet to contribute. Great moderators are active in their forums, and they love seeing their communities blossom. An active moderator has tremendous influence over the type of community that evolves. If there’s anything you’ll get out of being a moderator, it’s that you’ll build stronger communication and leadership skills.

If you'd like to be a moderator on forums, simply reply to this Topic.
Tell us a bit about yourself, and what you think qualifies you to work. This would include any references or credentials you might have when it comes to moderating experience. Not having experience will not necessarily exclude you, so please don't be discouraged!

All the Best,


Administrator - Samker's Computer Forum
Congratulation your work going on success
Oh good idea keep it up.
Windows / PC / A standout OST Recovery Application
« Last post by emmawils on 19. July 2018., 11:41:58 »
EdbMails OST to PST Converter is the perfect solution for users to export emails stored in OST files and convert it into PST format. It is the best approach for users to export OST file to PST format and again get entry to the OST documents in Microsoft outlook via converting the OST documents in outlook PST layout. It quickly converts OST to PST to open exported OST in Outlook

Features of the OST to PST Converter Tool:
-Convert encrypted OST to PST file
-Repairs Corrupted OST files
-Ultra-fast export of mails from OST to PST
-Allow Saving of OST files in different Format
-Preview all the items like emails, contacts, calendar before actual export
-Conversion of emails, contacts, notes, calendars, Tasks, Journals and Etc...

For more information visit:

EdbMails honor to share OST to PST Converter Tool in service of public Outlook users .This Superb 2016 Outlook OST Recovery tool is perfect & amp; trustworthy application for MS Outlook through which you can make :- fixation of ost file error ,recovery of ost file error and conversion of OST into Outlook PST ,EML,HTML,TXT,etc . Now EdbMails OST to PST Converter software is launched with extra ordinary features like as.

1* Feature to recover and restore mega files of OST into Outlook PST and many others formats;
2* Free facility for splitting oversize PST file upto 5GB
3* Date filtering option for filtering data according to date means ,if you have data from the year 2010 to 2016 and you want recover only data of year 2016 then you can make ,these option reduce your manual exercise of selection .
4* Multiple supportive nature: - Outlook upto 2016 and Windows upto Win 10 .

For more information visit:
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