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Title: A pure cryptocurrency gem, uknown to the masses
Post by: cryptosp on 12. March 2021., 14:28:49

BITCOINZ Cryptocurrency (

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A pure cryptocurrency gem, uknown to the masses

BitcoinZ (BTCZ) ( is a classic digital coin (cryptocurrency) that was launched almost 4 years ago by anonymous founders as a gift to the world. Since it has the noble cause to offer worldwide free transactions with virtually zero fees for all.

BITCOINZ has the fundamentals of the well known Bitcoin :

It is 100% Community Driven as it has no owners and no CEO.

It implements the Proof of Work model and really Decentralized.

It had the most fair launch because combines NO premine, NO instamine, NO ICO sales. Additionally it has slow deflative halvings for its mining rewards every 4 years.

Importantly, BTCZ has its own genesis block, it is not another Bitcoin’s chain fork, making the rich holders of Bitcoin even richer with another forkdropped coin.

The "Z" in its name means that it offers optional privacy with Zk-Snarks cryptography and next to ZERO transaction fees!  Except of these it offers a series of innovative features like increased scalability, faster block times and ASIC resistant mining, making everyone who owns a PC able to support BITCOINZ's network with meaningful mining rewards, online Community meetings every three months and more.

 You can discover many more in BITCOINZ’s super friendly Community page: and learn everything about cryptocurrencies with Cryptospedia, the free online encyclopedia that is provided in the site. Every crypto definition there is clickable and linked to a cryptospedia article where the user can get an easy explanation!
Enjoy !

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