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EOS and eosDAC Gateways Re-opened

OpenLedger DEX Team is happy to inform you that EOS and eosDAC gateways are now working in the operational mode.

All the maintenance works have been finished.

Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

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Syscoin Academy is Live!

Built on a modified installation of Discourse, the Syscoin Academy site aims to increase exposure of community-based Syscoin development work, with a forum and real-time chat channels to bring developers together and spark community projects in a fun and modern way.

Blockchain Foundry is pleased to announce the appointment of Brennan Direnfeld to its board of directors.
CryptoCurrencies Base / Re: [ICO] (MODEX) Modex - Smart Contract Marketplace
« Last post by vindyne8 on 23. October 2018., 19:41:52 »
Modex launches the beta version of its IDE

Modex is fighting to make a difference for developers and blockchain aficionados, by providing them an ecosystem which nurtures creativity and productivity. This ecosystem, dubbed the Modex Unified Developer Environment has seen the launch of the beta version of the Modex IDE, a valuable tool developed by developers for developers in order to streamline code writing and to simulate the blockchain development sphere. Available for Windows, Mac and Linux, Modex IDE comes with fully integrated syntax support for Solidity, autocomplete capabilities, syntax highlighting and offline Solidity compilation and analysis. What sets the current release apart from other IDEs available in the market is the fact that it comes with an integrated test net and the capability to directly deploy a smart contract to the test environment.
Windows / PC / Re: The Best SSD for Laptop ?!
« Last post by jasmeen123 on 23. October 2018., 08:12:28 »
in 2018 the best SSD  for laptops are
 1WD Blue 3D NAND.
2 Crucial MX500.
3 Samsung 860 Evo.
4 Intel 760p PCIe SSD.
CryptoCurrencies Base / Re: [ICO] (MODEX) Modex - Smart Contract Marketplace
« Last post by vindyne8 on 22. October 2018., 21:29:15 »
The MODEX tokens have been distributed

We are happy to announce that the MODEX tokens have been distributed over the past 48 hours to all the users who have filled in the withdraw Ethereum address. After thorough testing of the smart contract, we have distributed the MODEX tokens to all verified participants and stakeholders.

Modex has just launched the Modex IDE!

Connected to a complex and stable blockchain infrastructure, developers from all around the world will be able to use it to build, test and deploy smart contracts and DApps.

CryptoCurrencies Base / Re: [SLX] SLATE - Unrestricted global entertainment access
« Last post by vindyne8 on 22. October 2018., 21:06:36 »
SLX Now Trading on HitBTC!
SLX/BTC & SLX/USDT Trading Pairs NOW available on HitBTC!
We all want to lead a beautiful life, but it often gets compromised because of the financial troubles, which mostly is to do with the wrong choices we make. And this is where and why the world of Crypto can make the difference.

However, with the recent growth of the industry and so many ICOs and Cryptocurrencies coming up, it is equally challenging to make the choice that can be said to be worthy!

But not anymore, with the arrival of Alliance Token, it is going to the ultimate choice for everyone!

The Alliance Token is a private luxury Membership supported by a NEW purpose-built Cryptocurrency Utility Token. It comes with exclusive luxury membership with all of the advantages of the latest advancement in Cryptocurrency.

The Alliance Token is a class of Cryptocurrency designated as a Utility Token. The Alliance Token has value within the Alliance Membership, which allows one the access to SPECIAL EVENTS, Unique experiences, and able to participate in Luxury Raffles and Auctions.

Alliance Token is partnered with The Quintessentially Group, the world's preeminent Private Event, and Unique Experience Concierge Company. The goal is to provide the Members with unforgettable experiences ranging from private concerts to whirlwind excursions in exotic venues with the finest dining the world has to offer!

Every Member can participate in unique raffles and contests with their Alliance Tokens.  With partnering through the top luxury product and service brands to bring the members unique experiences, luxury products, and limited edition luxury offerings.

In keeping with the core value of luxury and unique offerings, the prizes will be exciting and compelling. You will definitely want to participate!!! With having aligned with a third-party industry leader in contest and sweepstakes technology to ensure the integrity of the draws.

In addition to bringing the Members incredible offers from some of the world's top luxury brands, each draw will benefit Global Children's Charities and as well and Animal and Environmental Non-Profit Groups with a portion of the proceeds as directed by the Membership.  

Imagine becoming part of a distributed global community of members who have EXCLUSIVE access to incredible unique luxury products and experiences. All you need is Alliance Token to be a member of this. But not just this as the members together are able to support children’s charitable foundations and non-profit groups along with the exclusive luxury offers!

Alliance Token is a spectacular creation with not only having an amazing luxury opportunity but it is global, anonymous and backed by a Blockchain distributed ledger guaranteeing no dilution of the total Alliance Token float.

So, come and purchase the Alliance Membership Tokens and Benefit from the Amazing Scheme, Buy 1 Token, Get 1 Token FREE! It comes with a FURTHER discount from the actual website, as we are reselling it for just $20 (originally priced $25), means a 20% discount. And IF anyone purchases 200 tokens or beyond, he/she will be given SPECIAL privilege with price reduced to just $12.50!

This is available only for a Limited time! -
Turn your dusty, old, even scratched DVD Disc into the new digital copy! >:D >:D >:D

Supported OS: Windows 2000, 2003, XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1, Windows 10 | (32 & 64 bit)
Windows / PC / Re: Lumion 8 activation code
« Last post by Fintech on 21. October 2018., 23:33:10 »
Has this forum become to a place where you can get a link to the illegal programs? :down:
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