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Windows / PC / Re: CinEx HD Utility and DVDFab Cinavia Removal review
« Last post by victorhan2012 on 20. November 2017., 07:39:50 »
I have to say I feel very appreciated about DVDFab Cinavia Removal programme. As far as I am concerned,it should be the most prestigious Cinavia removal solutions to remove the Cinavia watermarks from most infected DVDs and Blu-rays, with supported discs growing on daily basis.

So if you are one movie lover like me,who also needs to remove the annoying Cinavia watermarks both from DVDs and Blu-rays, DVDFab Cinavia Removal is a must-have package solution.

More info is here:
Feedback / Re: 503 - Samker's Computer Forum was just down ?
« Last post by piipo on 19. November 2017., 22:22:31 »
Sometimes, but not for long.

Yes, it was only a few minutes. Thank you for the update.
Public Whitelist Ending Soon and BIG Crowdsale Announcement!
Register for the Whitelist in order to participate in the Crowdsale!
Read all the details here:
CryptoCurrencies Base / Re: [ANN] Freedom of action with ZUMMINER
« Last post by ZUMMINER on 19. November 2017., 15:58:14 »
ZUMMINER is a multi-currency crypto-wallet designed for storing, exchanging, and mining cryptocurrency. The tool has a high level of security and supports the most popular digital currencies.

Here's our video about the project! Check this out!

WhitepaperLegal documentationPOAFacebookTwitterRatesWallet
CryptoCurrencies Base / Re: : Public sale is NOW LIVE!
« Last post by vindyne8 on 19. November 2017., 15:56:37 »
Public Sale update after first 51hrs now.
3,292.47 ETH raised so far, worth $1,178,473.78 USD. Closing in on $9,200,000 USD total including presale.


China has a very appealing market, many companies admit that and we are not an exception. The potential of the Chinese market is enormous and is calculated in billions of dollars. Moreover, it’s important to mention that it is still growing.

As you know e-Chat is actively participating in various conferences. Only in November, we were honored to speak about the e-Chat messaging platform with its multi-currency crypto-wallet function in Tokyo, Hong Kong, and Switzerland. Usually, conferences are providing lots of room to meet the first figures of multiple world companies. We definitely didn’t miss our chance and established bonds with many Asian companies, including Chinese ones.

We are proud to announce that the e-Chat presence in China is growing. The evidence to that is the big number of Chinese Android markets, acting as an analog to Google Play blocked in China, providing the installation of e-Chat. Let’s give some examples of the biggest ones:,,,,,

iOs app
Android app
The Lates ICO/ITO News from OpenLedger

CromoLab Predicts the Future of Cryptocurrencies With 95% Success

CromoLab provides a platform that allows for building the cryptocurrency portfolio based on solid statistical evidence, which is digested by the statistical engine behind the platform.

The team behind CromoLab consists of world class professors in the subjects of econometrics, finance and information technology, supported by PhDs and researchers in econometrics, machine learning, financial mathematics as well as IT.

Lukasz Gatarek, Chief Data Scientist, said, “The most distinctive feature of this project is its innovative character in terms of combining two spuriously opponent fields of econometrics into one coherent mechanism. That is, mixing classical econometrics philosophy on one side, represented by leading world class econometrician in our team, Prof. Soren Johansen, and Bayesian econometric paradigm, represented by another leading world class econometrician, Prof. Herman K. Van Dijk.“

CromoLab is a predictive model generating BUY and SELL signals on the cryptocurrency market with 95% level of success.
CromoLab brings together modern econometric knowhow and melds it with the most modern information technology to create a very flexible cryptocurrency investment platform based solely on analytical methods.

Lukasz Gatarek, Chief Data Scientist, explained, “The key building blocks of the statistical engine behind the platform can be explained in five points:
1 – CromoLab assume that the cryptocurrency rate as any other exchange rate or financial asset price can be modeled.
2 – CromoLab assume that there is a probability distribution that stands behind this random walk, in terms of up and down movement.
3 – CromoLab assume that the evolution of this probability over time can lead to periods of rising trends and downturns.
4 – CromoLab assume that the historical quotations of the cryptocurrency rate can be explored for estimating on the relation between the price movements and the probability distribution governing the random walk behind.
5 – CromoLab assume that the entire spectrum of price series which are representing the cryptocurrencies can be modelled by means of cointegration analysis and if that is the case, we have the entire spectrum of methods developed by econometrics available for portfolio construction in such a market environment.”

The analytical platform is the main product developed by CromoLab, and customers will have options to buy and sell with a significant level of detail and accuracy.

CromoLab ITO Starts on 27.11.17

Read More



How Does Centz Work?

Centz is the world’s first gift card exchange that allows a user to collect all their balances into one spendable lump-sum that can be used to buy any other goods or services.

Centz developed their patent-pending platform to help people maximize their unused gift card balances, filing two patents to protect their business model, creating a unique blockchain-encrypted security system to prevent gift card fraud. Additional patents will secure the IP that surrounds and extends to the core technology.

Centz has changed gift cards into a secure and mobile form of currency, represented by its own token, Centz Gold Bucks (CNTZ). Users can register all of their gift card balances on the Centz mobile wallet, enabling them to have their gift cards in their pockets at all times.

Centz ITO Starts on 25.11.17

Read More About Centz



Sola Increases Your Social Media Power and Your Revenue

With Sola, you do not have to be a celebrity or an influencer to reach a huge audience. Everyone gets an equal chance to spread their ideas and news, since there are no friends or followers lists, so every post has the chance to spread like a virus.

Sola, formerly known as Plague or Plag, is a public, decentralized, social information network governed by the users. The content in Sola is produced by quality-oriented members, and is meant for a global audience. Content creators are the key asset of the social network and the drivers of its development.

CEO and Co-founder of Sola, Ilya Zudi, explained, “It is critical for a social service to create quality content. This is why we consider content creators as partners, and we share with them a part of our revenue. Revenue distribution between the content creators is performed based on the endorsement given by other users in the Sola app.”

In Sola, there is no entrance threshold, so a user can start making money from the start. Secondly, the user doesn’t need to make new connections, as there is no such notion. Solas’ spread algorithm will take care of this, while assisting the user in accessing audiences. Lastly, there is no need to become a “pro” content creator to monetize your content, as any comment or card allows users to make a profit.

Sola ITO Starts on 27.11.17

Read More About Sola



Choose a Crypto Trader and Earn Together With Investy

Investy is the world’s first decentralized investments platform, offering ease of use, transparency, safety and reliability. Their mission is to unite experienced traders and novice investors together, in one platform.

The revenue created from the Investy platform will be formed from subscription fees for services and commissions.  Token holders will receive reduced commissions: the more Investy tokens are in a wallet, the lower the commission is.

Tokens will be used as subscriptions for services on the platform. After investors no longer need the services, they can sell them on the exchange. If you are a beginner and do not know how to “enter” the crypto-market, or what to do after your Bitcoin purchase, the Investy platform will put you at ease. The Investy platform is decentralized and does not have the problems of the classical investment sector: lack of transparency or a lack of trust.

The Investy platform provides protection to clients’ funds, because there is no direct transfer of assets, plus increased protection from any type of fraudulent transactions. We really care about the safety of our clients’ funds.

Shortly, Investy will have their first prototype. In December, they will add the alpha version of the trading terminal in demo mode and then proceed to the serious task of building the trading terminal. They have a full roadmap, which will result in a working prototype with many useful functions, including the subscription function.

Windows / PC / Re: CinEx HD Utility and DVDFab Cinavia Removal review
« Last post by Michael Gillon on 19. November 2017., 04:18:33 »
I bought this CinEx HD in May 2016 and unfortunately had a computer crash and lost my file of licence codes.
I have the payPal info of purchase information.
After 2 requests to support, they refuse to answer.
Very disappointed.

Feedback / Re: 503 - Samker's Computer Forum was just down ?
« Last post by kubik67 on 18. November 2017., 19:24:46 »
Sometimes, but not for long.
CryptoCurrencies Base / Re: : Public sale is NOW LIVE!
« Last post by vindyne8 on 18. November 2017., 16:52:04 »
Public Sale update after first 28hrs now.
3,028 ETH raised so far, worth $1,014,380 USD. Closing in on $8,500,000 USD total including presale.**

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