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Dear SCF Members,

in this Topic I would like to open discussion about The Best FireWall Solutions.

Right now I'm using McAfee Desktop FireWall 8.5 (old, but very good version :thumbsup: ).
Before McAfee FW I was use ZonaAlarm FW which is also excellent (probably The Best one) but because incompatibility with my AntiVirus (McAfee ViruScan Enterprise 8.5) I was uninstall them.  :(  

More about ZonaAlarm:,26.0.html

Now, please share with other SCF Members yours experiences, recommendations...?!

I was a long time user of Zone Alarm Security Suite, but could not find a suitable Vista copy.  I recently purchased a license for Bit Defender Internet Security Suite 2008 and find it very good, and not too much of a resource hog.  There is little if any drag created on start up, and it seems to work quite similar to ZA inasmuch as pop ups about setting new rules.  I am satisfied as at this point in time.

Ravi Gupta:
Instead of relying on individual experiences alone, lets see the hard facts. And the facts say that the best free firewall is Online Armor while the best paid firewall is Outpost.

I'm currently Using Kaspersky Internet security, when the licence expires, I will switch back to Avira free antivirus and COMODO Firewall, I think COMODO and Zone Alarm are very close, but I feel COMODO is lighter.


I wasn't yet try KIS 2009 & Kaspersky Firewall?

How much resource (CPU) it use?

By the way, recently I was uninstall ZA because incompatibility with McAfee VSE.

Now I'm sticked with some old version of McAfee Desktop Firewall 8.5...  :thumbsup:


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