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How to watch Movies and TV Series? Devnullius' choices :)

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If you watch lots of series, keeping track of them is hard. I first worked with Opera bookmarks but when my favorite site went black after more than 10 years, I was left with no history of what I was watching nor what I had actually watched.

So I now work with 2 websites + Stremio. All 3 can track and subscribe to series. If one of them goes dark, I still have 2 backups and time to find a new 3rd one.

My fav websites are and Both have an extensive library (though WE4 misses many older seasons). I use them to subscribe and mark the episodes seen. Especially SSTO is great to see your queue of missed episodes.

For actually watching I use Stremio. It too can subscribe to series and has a queue and "mark as seen" for episodes. Added bonus is the higher quality. Stremio is a front-end for torrents, not unlike PopCorn. BUT it also comes with community add-ons - and that's where its power lies. Be careful adding new extensions: add one, test. Many won't work and it will be a pita to figure out which ones are failing you :)

The older an episode is, the harder it will be to find a working link or torrent. If Bit Che-ing fails, your last resort will be "watch free online SERIENAME EPISODE". If that fails you too, you are shit out of luck I'm afraid.

A. Website based
I use Opera, with the 3 extensions mentioned in 13. B. "Advertisement Management and Blocking!".

The main websites I use are and (subscriptions with queue). When they (and Stremio) fail me, I'll take a look at these websites:
- (USA only, because of European privacy laws... I'm not making this up)

B. Software based: Popcorn & Stremio
There are many builds... Here a quick overview to get you started!
- install nothing:
- Popcorn Butter: (build.3.10-0 "popcorn is love" beta HEAD 28112167)
- (version 5.x - mirror:
- STREMIO with Torrent plugin enabled - Stremio is what I use. has the most potential (but has some small bugs, restarting the program often solves it. And for out-of-sync subtitles: sometimes disabling and enabling them while watching is all it takes. Sometimes...) It makes up for all that with the add-ons which can easily find and play a lot of videos. More information can be found here, including a list of popular must-have add-ons.

WARNING: Depending on local laws, you will need a VPN to protect your IP address when using torrent streaming. SurfShark is giving me good speeds these days.
WHEN you are safe from the Law, you will find these to be awesome internet multimedia players to find, track & play all kinds of tv series or movies.

TIP: if you notice sound slowly gets more and more out of sync while playing movies, try installing VLC Media Player. Its codecs are far superior to Mediaplayer's and Popcorn software actively looks for a VLC installation...

Stremio is having problems with finding series atm. Read more here:

stremio is working real well these days! xxx


Sad news, it looks like / is down... That's a lot of watching history disappearing :(

scarecrow: is back up and redirects to which is working for me at least.


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