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Title: (ETCH)Etch ICO- Realtime payroll and remittance on blockchain
Post by: jambli on 18. September 2017., 22:10:23
Having investigated Etch (Website: I can say that I am comfortable to invest in their tokens. Here is a short analysis that I have done.

Social scalability: Etch's main objective is to revolutionise payroll, they are the only company that has looked to do this since the industrial revolution. Most employees in the world have an inefficient payroll, therefore Etch has a fantastic social scalability.

Competition: Etch has no competitors in Blockchain at this moment. They specialise in real time payroll and real time remittance.

Tangible progress: Etch already have a pre alpha demo of their product up and running which .

Growth: Etch are already part of the Construction Blockchain Consortium and offer benefits to the largest construction companies and other major players ( Their CEO Euros is in charge of the NOMAD community in London who are 800 strong. Etch already have a set plan to grow their project. I understand that Etch has also worked closely with the law firm Flag Gate to ensure the legitimacy of their token sale (bonus points here).

Although this project looks great, payroll does seem like a straightforward use of blockchain but I do wander how long it will take for this to fully integrate into the regulatory systems. Especially ones such as the US.

Also just read this article which came out: