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« Last post by krishna88 on 18. December 2017., 08:51:49 »
Hi @A41202813GMAIL,

This is quite interesting concept of future three wheeler electric car by Sondors car company.

Thanks for the information.  :up:
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« Last post by Abuman on 18. December 2017., 02:58:37 »
Here is the link to my funny picture:
Please help me with the password to
I will be grateful.
Encryptotel announces their Waves node!
Hello guys,
We’ve just came back from #Waves Platform client 1.0 presentation, which took place in Amsterdam. And it was a fantastic experience! Ride on the Waves!
Read the full story:
« Last post by A41202813GMAIL on 17. December 2017., 22:28:21 »
A - HDD SATA Internal 3.5 320GB Model ST3320820NS ( My Main Drive In The Last 8+ Years ),

B - HDD SATA Internal 2.5 300GB Model WD3000BLFS.


I Use XPPRO32Bits.


With ( A ) I Can:

C - Delete And Create Partitions,

D - Write On The Drive,

E - Using The Drive To Boot.


A Family Of Mine Gave Me 2 ( B ) Drives.

F - I Can See The Drives On The Disk Management, But The Only Original Partition Type Is Called GPT Protective Partition And I Simply Can Not Do Absolutely Anything With Them,

G - No Letter Is Even Assigned To The GPT Partition.

Any Ideas Out There ?

Thank You.
Kcash is an ecosystem of Achain, and is sponsoring the Achain community.  300.000 Kcash tokens Give Away:
Welcome Aboard Ehud D. Cohen
Ehud D. Cohen chairman of the board and founder of IDEX business, has actively managed the business from its inception in 1999, pioneering the first international online B2B diamond trading platform. During the 15 years preceding the formation of IDEX Online, Ehud managed EC Diamonds B.V.B.A., a global diamond trading company which he established in 1985. During these years, he lived and operated in all the main diamond production centers – New York, Antwerp, Mumbai and Ramat Gan, establishing the company’s trading network worldwide. Ehud is IDEX’s largest investor.

Exclusive Interview with the CEO of CEDEX – The World’s First Certified Blockchain Diamond Exchange

CEDEX represents the world’s first certified, blockchain-based diamond exchange, here to bridge the gap between the diamond industry and the investment market. To help learn more about the company and its upcoming platform, The Merkle has conducted an interview with Saar Levi, the CEO of CEDEX.

Read the interview here:
"We want to think that we are decentralising creativity in this space, because you get a 16-year-old Ukrainian developer with a fantastic idea – somebody that spent the last year studying solidity and smart contracts, just because he’s passionate about it. Who’s going to hire him?"
The Livetree Adept pre-sale has successfully hit it's first goal! As a result, the project will be moving forward, and is already working on some very exciting things like new movies, and the beta, coming soon!
The pre-sale has been extended until 12/20 due to those pesky kitties on the Ethereum blockchain. If you wish to take part in disrupting the entertainment industry please go here:
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« Last post by A41202813GMAIL on 15. December 2017., 15:55:37 »
This Site Can Not Access Your F: Drive Or Any Partition On Your Machines - So Any Links From Them Will Just Not Work.


You Can Not Directly Upload Files To This Site Because Of Safety Concerns, But...

...You Can Upload Your Pictures To A Free Service Like IMGUR And Then Post Their Links In Here.

You Can Edit All Your Posts In Here, So, Replace Your Non Working Link With A Working One.


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