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Author Topic: OpenLedger - You are in Control doing it "Smart Trading Decentralized"  (Read 28726 times)

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Internet of Coins will launch their fundraiser on the OpenLedger Decentralized Conglomerate (DC) on March 21st 2017, in celebration of the first day of spring. Essentially a wallet, Internet of Coins is a secure way to store cryptocurrencies and smart contracts, and trade them without centralized exchanges. Don't Miss the Early Bird!

Read this and other breaking news!

Join our LiveStream on March, 20, 6 pm GMT

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Holding OBITS entitles you to become a part owner of the bright future that lies ahead of OpenLedger. OBITS are the official digital token of the OpenLedger DC, allowing token holders to reap a proportional share of the profits on OpenLedger, and any further projects added in the future.

Buying OBITS are the equivalent of buying an early stake in a ground-breaking technology company. And the great thing is, you don’t need to be an active investor holding OBITS. Let OpenLedger do the work for you.

OBITS WARRANTS gives you the right during 2017 to purchase OBITS tokens at a fixed price! From 1 January 2018 these OBITS warrants will then be invalid.

In order to secure the constant growth of OBITS a previous option to buying OBITS in bulk orders has been removed and replaced with the option named OBITS.WARRANT. A total amount of 7 million OBITS not yet in circulation have been designated to be used in connection with token drops on all investors of future projects on OpenLedger in the form of OBITS.WARRANT's as a progressive attempt to drive price up, read on to understand better.

In case of buying OBITS directly from the market it is suggested to focus on either btc, bts or bitUSD, check the below markets:

OBITS liquid markets with bts as best


The good part here is what you buy stays on your own wallet immediately wether OpenLedger or BItShares webwallet, desktop wallet or light wallet with no one else but you in control of your funds.

Beware to backup your account and with that backup key and password store it in a secure place away from your pc.

OBITS on centralized exchanges

You may also buy from the first centralized exchange offering OBITS, and we do expect more to follow in coming months as we are positioning OBITS to become the token you wish to support if you believe in the future of the OpenLedger DC and its many ecosystems and more to come. go check the btc market there.

OpenLedger buys back OBITS on the bts market every 2nd day of the month, so it could be advised to buy before that time on whichever market suits you the best, as the sell market is beginning to be much thinner than previously which makes it possible to drive the price up accordingly

It is again also a question of how much OBITS you are looking for, as average price on markets could be high depending on need.

the other option I could suggest is to buy OBITS.WARRANTS at the price of 0,10 USD bought in fiat or equivalent in any other crypto and then let me use this amount to buy back from market and burn it from existance, reducing overall supply and in the same time help drive up the price.

Here is the explanation for the OBITS.WARRANT and how that works

Every OBITS Warrant gives you the right during 2017 to convert to not publicly released OBITS tokens. Per 1 January 2018 these OBITSwarrants will then be invalid. Conversion rate: 1 OBITS Warrant + 0,16 BitUSD = 1 OBITS token.

OBITS Warrants are offered as part of certain ITO's (Initial Token Offering) presented by OpenLedger as a bonus offer.

A limited amount of OBITS.WARRANTS (as there are 7 million OBITS reserved, there are 7 million OBITS.WARRANTS available and thats it), however, are offered on the market for sale at the price of bitUSD 0,10 per unit. The limited amount is released in increments of 500 000 OBITS.WARRANT's, and only offered directly to interested party on the base of request or to anyone already on the list of subscribers of ours or holders.

Anyone believing OBITS will become worth more than 0,26 BitUSD in 2017 is able to benefit from this offer as you pay only the price of 0,16 BitUSD for every OBITS you buy with 1 OBITS.WARRANT even if price is 0,5 or even one bitUSD any given time during 2017. (Your cost 0,10 + 0,16 bitUSD=0,26 bitUSD)

NB! 1 bitUSD = 1 USD

100% of paid amount to buy OBITS Warrants on the market will be used to buy back and burn existing OBITS tokens, so the price is pushed up as we go, how much each time does depend on the traders, as some would be interested in pushing price down again, so nothing is certain until the time where we are able to buy back more from the market than the interest to sell at low prices, and that seems to be very near.

Approximately 1.4 million OBITS have been burned(erased from circulation) since early 2016, and 16,9 million in total is still left of which 9,9 million are in public supply.

Any questions to the above and to redeem your OBITS with your OBITS.WARRANT, feel free to send directly to Ronny Boesing, CEO of OpenLedger on e-mail

you may buy OBITS.WARRANT here:

You may buy the bitUSD from the markets or create them yourself and then borrow bts to even buy OBITS, believing bts price will go up and eventully pay back the borrowed amount:

BitUSD markets


Thats all for now, so it really comes down to the point how much funds you wish to use. If bigger amounts it could pay off to buy OBITS.WARRANTS, if smaller amounts it could be worthwhile simply buy off the above mentioned OBITS markets.

Ronny Boesing voted onto the Official BitShares Committee

Ronny Boesing, Founder and CEO of OpenLedger ApS, has been voted onto the Official BitShares Committee. The OpenLedger DC is built on the BitShares Technology Platform which also supports multiple companies who are hosted on the ecosystem, benefitting from OpenLedger’s Crowdfunding (ITO) services, including Internet of Coins, AppTrade, and GetGame.

Inspired by the persistence, drive and passion behind the crypto-pioneers, he was driven to learn all about cryptocurrency, eventually leading to the creation of OpenLedger DC. He most recently resigned his position of CEO of Coinsbank to concentrate full time on OpenLedger’s future, but is fully committed to the Official BitShares Committee.

Ronny is in the last phases of developing the OpenLedger crypto debit card, and he – along with his team - are working full steam ahead, looking forward to the day that OpenLedger will stand out not only in volume of transactions, but in the increasing number of businesses joining the OpenLedger Crowdfunding Solutions (ITO) with their tokens available on the DEX.

Read the Proposal

The OpenLedger DEX is our trading platform, which was designed for high-speed transactions, allowing users to trade assets in real time, securely, and with ultra-low fees. Trading on the OpenLedger DEX has been successful with increasing volumes lately, due to the growing interest in BitShares, the ecosystem that OpenLedger is built on, and its native assets and smart coins.

Read the full article on Crypto Ninjas

The Internet of Coins ITO is Going Strong – and Participants do not want to miss this Opportunity. Internet of Coins are a smart choice for token participants as it:

• is an easy-to-use environment for personal (crypto) finance;
• is a universal design for a broad range of financial applications;
• has a decentralized approach;
• allows comprehensive asset swapping: it should be easy to exchange value;
• has deterministic encryption: keys are not shared with third parties, and user assets are safe.

In case you've missed - Check Crowdfunding Video Tutorial


OpenLedger’s Apptrade, the platform creating "Kickstarter for Apps on the Blockchain", has received a $100,000 USD boost from OpenLedger ApS, the world's first blockchain powered conglomerate.

The APPX token supply will be capped at maximum of $8.2M tokens, with no additional APPX tokens to be created – and APPX token holders are entitled to receive 20% as profit of the total gross revenue from all App Portfolios of Apptrade LLC, or its legal successors.

Read more about what is Apptrade for participants

Yours sincerely,

Ronny Boesing and OpenLedger team

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Meet the latest news from OpenLedger!

Super event took place on May 29th in Seoul with special focus on ICO's with an international group of speakers from China, Malaysia, Korea, Japan organized by Econtimes in front of industry leaders and government officials. Finished off with meeting the top three exchanges in Korea with daily group and the loop, and It seems we found mutual interests to establish future co operation involving the OpenLedger gateway to crowdfunding, so the future looks bright connecting with Korea now on top of recent connections to China. Next one coming up Japan. We found our co ordinator and OpenLedger and ambasador as wel, so all in all a great 4 days here in beautiful Seoul, Korea

And the photo report!

And also don't miss this!

Login to OpenLedger With The Scan Of A Barcode

ZenGold from MetaVerse Special ICO Prelaunched on OpenLedger on May 28. And it was sold out in 8 hours!

And don't miss OBITS buyback tomorrow on 12:00 UTC

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Chinese Investors Boost Funding In OpenLedger DEX

Danish-headquartered decentralized exchange (DEX) OpenLedger has received seed funding to the tune of Dkr11 million (c.$1.6m) from a group of Chinese, American and European investors after a recent tour of blockchain and cryptocurrency events in the U.S., China and South Korea designed partly to sound out and attract potential crypto investors.

The names in the frame are (EDEV, JOYY), a blockchain-based freelancing platform, GetGame (REALITY), a platform for gaming, Apptrade (APPX), which creates portfolios of apps and has been dubbed the ‘Wall Street of Apps’, and OCASH, a new BitShares token representing an ‘all-in one crypto’ debit card solution.

The announced slug of seed capital comes following an Asian-U.S. Tour initiated by the exchange operator after it attended blockchain conferences in New York, Seoul and Shanghai.

Among other outcomes from this globetrotting led by the exchange’s CEO Ronny Boesing was the forging of a partnership with the first public blockchain in China, ViewFin, as well as an agreement to have OBITS, the official currency of OpenLedger, listed on two Chinese exchanges based in Shanghai - SZZC and Lhang.

You can read  the full article here:

More about it in other media:
-Denmark-based OpenLedger secures $1.6 million seed funding - [ ]

-OpenLedger Raises $1.6m in Seed Funding - [ ]

Don't miss our latest news:



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Crypviser goes LIVE June, 14, TOMORROW, Wednesday 18:00 Berlin time.

We will tell you more about our product, its features, why we are different from everyone else and ofcourse we will answer ALL your questions.
So feel free to leave us your questions here and don't forget to get answers from us. We will update you about the contest also shortly.


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ZenDao Launching ICO

Collectibles Were Never More Secure
ZenDao, a decentralized platform which addresses the current challenges related to the art and collectibles market, is launching their ICO on June 23rd, 2017.

Developed on the Metaverse Blockchain, ZenDao utilizes Blockchain technology to create a digital representation of tangible collectibles on the Blockchain and establish an unalterable digital provenance ledger and ownership transfer channel.

More about it HERE

OpenLedger have exceeded the 50,000 signed-ups users milestone

OpenLedger have exceeded the 50,000 signed-ups users milestone
(in fact, already 52,518 and we have been growing by 500 to 750 users per day, for the last two weeks), where OpenLedger will drop QORA GOLD on all OBITS holders holding a minimum of 50 OBITS, and anyone holding a minimum of 1000 QBITS tokens.

More about this great news HERE


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The voting page is here:

Only OBITS holders can take part in a voting where instrcutions are sent to all OBITS holder in a 1 BTS value transaction with the sender being the obits-voting account. 

In the MEMO field of this transaction voters will find their unique voters login and password. Your account must be unlocked to see this memo, and you can unlock your account using the lock icon on the top right of the screen.

To copy and paste from the Memo click on Transfer (see the screenshot below):

Copy the username and password to the form on the voting page, make sure to copy exactly with no extra space included.

Don't miss the vote!


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OBITS Voting Has Ended. The Results

OpenLedger are very proud to announce that the votes are in! 251 OBITS holders out of 1800 voted for OBITS distribution to be carried out exclusively in bitUSD and on the basis of 50% sharedrop and 50% buyback and burn.

This is a marked change from before, when it was 90% in BTS and 10% in BTC, and 100% buyback and burn.

It was a great pleasure for the OpenLedger team to see a vote for vital changes to take place using decentralized voting, and we support the results which are the consequence of a majority vote.

Thank you OBITS holders!


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OpenLedger Position on MUSE

OpenLedger Team has obsereved that many OpenLedger DEX users have not managed to move their OPEN.MUSE to their own native wallet. OpenLedger will make sure it is possible to have MUSE in its NEW form from the moment it is available, and then we will pay out NEW MUSE  to all holders in a 1:1 swap. OpenLedger is there for our MUSE supporters!

For now all MUSE markets and deposit/withdraw options are disabled.


GoodWill Service: How to return funds?
Dear OpenLedger and Bitshares users!

We have a very important announcement to all who did wrong transfers or lost access to their funds.
From today we will try to help you receive your funds back, but only if your case satisfies certain conditions.

Please read this carefully:

OpenLedger Goodwill Service

In case you’ll have any questions, please write to


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OpenLedger All-in-One Payment Card Solution

OCASH international payment cards draw funds from the users’ contract wallet which support SmartCoins, like bitUSD, and more than 20 other existing cryptocurrencies from the OpenLedger crypto gateway including BTC, ETH, OBITS and BitShares.

OCASH All-In-One Payments Benefits:
Cardholder Friendly

*Easy enrollment
*No credit check
*No Bank account needed
*Instant fund loading
*IOS & Android APP
*ATM Accepted
*iBanking (Bank on the go)
*No spending limits

Card Benefits

*Unique Swift/IBAN
*Free POS transaction fee
*No usage limits
*Recurring payment
*Free insurance
*Low monthly fees 2,00 EUR
*Multi currency account

Company Benefits

*Easy affordable setup
*No hidden fees
*World wide instant payout
*Revenue share models
*Loyalty platform included
*IOS&Android APP included
*Strong API offered



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