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CryptoCurrencies Base / Re: [ICO] (MODEX) Modex - Smart Contract Marketplace
« Last post by vindyne8 on 22. January 2019., 22:46:09 »
One month to go: MindChain, the biggest blockchain and AI event ever held in Romania

Powered by Modex and hosted by Cluj-Napoca — dubbed ‘Romania’s Silicon Valley’ due to the unique mix of tech companies and strong student community — the event will explore, between 21–22 February, the interaction between Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence (AI).


TORONTO, Jan. 22, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Blockchain Foundry Inc. (“BCF” or the “Company”) (CSE:BCFN)(FWB:8BF)(OTC:BLFDF) is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with Bitbuy, a leading online trading platform that enables users to buy and sell digital currencies.

Without getting into too much detail, the metriAAUC show – with a reasonable degree of confidence – that since 1991, each time a buy signal was triggered, a return of 25% was generated over the subsequent 70 weeks with 63% of these signals being successful.

Similarly, over the same period, we also note the GRA also generated buy signals for the HSI and MSCI Singapore indices. For the HSI, a return of 27.3% was generated over the subsequent 70 weeks with 63% of the signals being successful. For the MSCI Singapore Index, a return of 19.3% was generated over the subsequent 70 weeks with 57% of the signals being successful.

MSCI Singapore risk appetite signal

Hang Seng Index risk appetite signal

Indeed, more broadly, the entire emerging market (EM) complex is firing buy signals right now with the overall MSCI EM Index also expected to return 25.4% in the next 70-week period.

In my view, selling fatigue has set in among investors. Almost daily we read of asset managers active in accumulating deep value stocks across Asia, taking advantage of depressed pricing. I will wait for the “starting tweet” at the end of the month before I recommend we do the same.                             

Important Information:

This part of the material: (i) aims to provide macro-market commentary; (ii) does not contain any statements or advice in relation to any specific marketable security or financial product; and (iii) does not take into account your personal circumstances and should not be treated as any form of regulated financial advice, legal, tax or other regulated service.
CryptoCurrencies Base / Why Crypto Exchanges Refuse KYC?
« Last post by KYCbench on 22. January 2019., 13:50:07 »

When it comes to cryptocurrency regulation, there is a lack of consensus on how to protect investors. Criminal activity such as fraud, hacks and theft is prevalent, not only in the crypto reality, but in the traditional financial world also.  Some exchanges have denied Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) compliance, claiming it infringes on the user’s right to privacy.

There are a number of crypto exchanges doing everything in their power to avoid having to introduce KYC. These exchanges require no lengthy signup process and no interminable wait for KYC checks to be approved, but such platforms are the exception rather than the rule. For legal and regulatory reasons, exchanges and similar financial organizations within the crypto sector are usually obliged to perform KYC.

There is evidence to show that instances of money laundering and other financial crimes are significantly lower in the crypto space than they are in the traditional financial sector. Onerous KYC and AML regulations also serve to deter new entrants, increase compliance costs for crypto companies, and arguably stifle innovation. Rather than deter criminals and increase transparency, some argue that all KYC/AML does is financially exclude those who lack the documentation to prove their identity – a particular problem for the world’s 1.7 billion unbanked. While some exchanges, such as Binance, are famously KYC free, its decision to partner with blockchain forensics firm Chainalysis is evidence that Binance is taking its regulatory obligations seriously. The crypto exchange, the world’s largest by trading volume, is now preparing to introduce KYC for its customers, accordingly to

KYCbench has developed a GUI friendly and cryptographically secure KYC platform to verify sensitive KYC data businesses, wanting to improve on their existing regulatory compliant KYC processing procedures. KYCbench is built to fulfill the requirements of the GDPR and to comply ISO27001 standard in handling and storing of personal data. KYCbench works to establish a tailored and customized solution, which would allow KYC processing requirements to be applied with each client, business and startup in the most cost efficient way.

KYCbench, your reliable KYC partner
GDPR & ISO/IEC 27001:2013 compliant

Please contact KYCbench today, the most reliable ID verification processor at:

Join our Telegram Groups:
KYCBench Announcement
KYCBench Community
CryptoCurrencies Base / Re: [ICO] (MODEX) Modex - Smart Contract Marketplace
« Last post by vindyne8 on 21. January 2019., 23:00:20 »
Join us this Wednesday evening for another Modex Talks blockchain event!

Following last week’s successful meet-up, we continue the Modex Talks series with another event held on the 12th floor of Modex Blockchain Labs Bucharest (19A Baba Novac), Romania’s first blockchain hub. Join us on January 23rd at 6 PM to find out interesting updates from Modex and the blockchain industry!
CryptoCurrencies Base / Re: GBP/USD
« Last post by MelissaLiberson on 21. January 2019., 01:09:32 »

GBP/USD pair this week was really extreme on both sides. The started up saw the bearish trend coming up, but soon followed with the major bullish one and eventually getting back to the even with now at neutral trending. It’s not easy to make trades on this as of now.
CryptoCurrencies Base / Re: EUR/USD
« Last post by MelissaLiberson on 21. January 2019., 01:08:45 »

EUR/USD pair this week was very much in down mode, as the pair started in shaky mode, but soon it was all downhill, we are likely to see the situation remain this way, but inbetween a good opportunity to make quick bucks through recovery will be available. We need to be sharp to spot it.
VRIC - Day 1
This weekend at the Cambridge VRIC2019:
Syscoin, & Blockchain Foundry are showcasing how they are pioneering the DLT, Blockchain & Silver industries

Visit booth #1010 right now (Jan 20-21) at the Vancouver Convention

CryptoCurrencies Base / Re: Litecoin Forecast
« Last post by MelissaLiberson on 21. January 2019., 01:07:24 »

LTC was surprisingly the BEST performing Crypto this week, as we saw it gain nearly 10% and it continues to build on. It is a good opportunity to trade for one, especially if we are to select between the Cryptos. But the long term direction is not exactly clear yet.
CryptoCurrencies Base / Re: Ethereum Forecast
« Last post by MelissaLiberson on 21. January 2019., 01:06:05 »

ETH was amongst the steadiest Crypto out there this week. The start of it saw it drop near 110, but we now see it around 125, it’s highly to move towards the 140 mark, but there is no major force as of now behind it.
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