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To accommodate the extremely high level of Asian interest in the CEDEX token sale, the opening
of the pre-sale and main sale are being moved up to 10.00 am GMT to enable the participation of our Asian contributors.
The pre-sale will commence March 16, 10:00 am GMT. If the pre-sale is completed within 24, hours main-sale will open at 10:00 am GMT on March 17th, 2018.

If the pre-sale is not completed within 24 hours the main sale will commence at 10:00 am GMT on April 13th, 2018.
In either event the main sale will last 28 days or until the maximum cap is reached.
CryptoCurrencies Base / Re: [ANN][ICO] SELFLLERY | TAKE PHOTO - MAKE MONEY
« Last post by Selfllery on 21. February 2018., 08:57:47 »
SELFLLERY: Allocation of funds

The rapid development of innovation provokes developers to create new web products both useful and meaningless. For this reason, every person who wants to become a client of a particular web product is asked questions related to the financing and distribution of funds within the project of interest.

What is the basis for distrust between developers and consumers?

There is a popular opinion among the consumers that low-cost projects are evaluated by young and inexperienced developers, and experienced ones set the price point much higher. Also no less famous is the opinion that the leading developers are parasitizing on popularity, estimating their product more expensive than it really is. In fact, there is no apparent relationship between the brand name, quality and cost of production.

Therefore, the choice of a project for investment should based on personal preferences and only after a detailed study of the whitepaper. If necessary ot if you have any doubts, you need to communicate with the developers, in order to eliminate all misunderstandings.

Why do start-ups need investors?

Nowadays there is a huge number of start-ups based on blockchain technology. It is also important that there are very few honest and transparent projects. However, even worse is the fact that out of this small number of really unique projects, only those who have been able to raise a sufficient amount for the revision and promotion of the product have the right to exist and a successful future.

To understand why, let’s look at the distribution of collected funds using the example of the project  SELFLLERY, a multifunctional platform that uses the crypto-economic model of user awards for published content and active social life.

How will SELFLLERY distribute the collected funds?

The project has already passed the pre-TGE milestone and is preparing for Token Generation, which will start on the 5th of March, 2018 at 12:00 (UTC +03: 00). SELFLLERY developers are planning to collect a minimum amount of 10,000 ETH, and a maximum amount of 55,000 ETH during the two stages of the initial issue of YOU tokens. The minimum collected amount is the means that minimize the risks of the project's benefits, and the maximum corresponds to the possibility to expand the functional and internal reserves of the platform.

Distribution of funds collected as a result of TGE:
  • promotion of the product - 50%;
  • product development - 25%;
  • operating expenses - 10%;
  • reserve fund - 10%;
  • legal services - 5%.

The presented numerical data makes it evident that the developers will spend most of their resources on attracting new users and developing additional functionality. Such percentage distribution is explained by the fact that SELFLLERY is a social platform, so it is important for it to attract users. Moreover, the number of users and functional affects the relevance of the platform, which will positively affect the cost of one token and user reward.

SELFLLERY: Why should I invest into the platform?

"Why should I invest into this project?" is often asked in various forums, under blog posts:  - this of course also relates to SELFLLERY. The relevance of the project is always directly dependent on its themes and objectives.

As for SELFLLERY, every year the interest of humanity to digital photos is rapidly increasing. This affects the needs of social platforms, where you can publish collected photos and videos. Since SELFLLERY will monetize the likes and social activity of its users, it remains only a matter of time before the platform becomes the world's leader in demand. Proceeding from this, as noted above, with increasing demand, the value of YOU token will increase, which will have a great impact on those who decide to join the development and expansion of SELFLLERY at an early stage.

Join Token Generation Event (TGE).
Starts on 5th of March, 2018, at 12:00 (UTC +03:00),
ends on 26th of March, 2018, at 12:00 (UTC +03:00).

If you have any questions about the project, we are ready to answer in our telegram chat.

For more information, read on our pages:
Token generation event: our website
Website project:  SELFLLERY
Presentation Video
Telegram Channel

Welcome to our chat:
Telegram Chat EN
Telegram Chat RU
New gateways

Within a month we will make the migration to new gateways for most coins (BTC, DOGE, ETH, LTC, DASH). New gateways are much more stable and faster than the old ones.
Due to all these updates, in nearest future old gateways for all this currencies will be closed. These changes will be unnoticeable and won’t affect on users that use official servises (,, Be careful using third-party services and Apps. Without third-party service updating after shutdown of old gateways from OpenLedger side, the user can unconsciously make transaction through old gateway.
Please, note: all funds are in safe and will be processed manually, but it will take much time for us to carry out your transactions from.
For your convenience, we recommend you to use OpenLedger official web-sites when you use OpenLedger transfer service for deposits and withdrawals. Using official websites you will always be aware of all the latest changes and get technical updates first. In turn, we will send all updates to Bitshares Upstream, but these changes may take some time to take effect.
Dear Desktop App users, please update your app to the latest version and stay tuned for further updates.
Thank you for being with us!
OpenLedger team

Around the Web / Re: Ridiculous bug can crash yours Win 7 or 8
« Last post by ellen123 on 21. February 2018., 04:38:35 »
the lamest bugs won’t remain a secret forever when confronted with curious security researchers.   gogoanime
It prevents installation of unintended additional software.
Latest Security News & Alerts / Re: How Using A VPN Could Save Your Summer
« Last post by ellen123 on 21. February 2018., 04:36:01 »
I’ve found that it’s always smart to have extra protection,  instagram search
Firewall / Re: What are the basic types of firewalls?
« Last post by ellen123 on 21. February 2018., 04:34:00 »
it was really valuable. thanks a lot
Board Rules, News & Announcements / Re: We're looking for Moderators!
« Last post by ellen123 on 21. February 2018., 04:32:36 »
it was really valuable. thanks a lot
Woter Exchange: Next Generation Hybrid Decentralized Exchange.
Airdrop: Register to receive 20 WOT ($5) free.
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