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Dear SCF Members,

in this Topic I would like to open discussion about The Best AntiSpyware Solutions.

I personally use Ad-Aware and SpyBot S&D (few years!), in combination they both work excellent (monthly full scans). :thumbsup: Especially Spybot because it's totally free. ;)

More about Ad-Aware:,1212.0.html
More about SpyBot S&D:,24.0.html

Now, please share with other SCF Members yours experiences, recommendations...?!

Almost forget!

Before few days I was try a Windows Defender and it also look like very good tool. :thumbsup:

More about Windows Defender:,1737.0.html

Did anybody try/use W.D.?  ???

Windows Defender is all right.
Ad Aware was really working well on my system, liked it a lot.

Ravi Gupta:
the best free antispyware is spywareterminator while the best paid antispyware is counterspy

I used to use spybot,avg,& a few others. I always wondered why my computer kept getting infected. Spybot used to be so good, avg was quite decent but took so long to scan. Then i ran Comodo firewall, SpywareTerminator,& Avira AntiVir. This combination is great for it being a freeware setup. However I have been using Kapersky internet security suite for the last 1 1/2 yrs and have tried NoD 32 from ESET security as well as their total security suite. These suites use less system resources, leave a smaller footprint, & are much much better at what they do. I haven't been infected since i started using Kapersky (unless i purposely downloaded an infected file to get the program i wanted knowing it would get thoroughly disinfected later).


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