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The Best AntiSpyWare?!

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I'm using the McAfee Anti-spyware 8.5i. I'm quite satify with it's performance.

I run 4 programs regularly spybot, adaware, malawarebytes and superanti spyware.  They seem to get everything I have come across.

i have never come to use ad aware and spybot.. im stuck in mcafee 8.5i antivirus+antispyware w/ HIP
been satisfy for a year.. Avast crawl during scan.. it takes me 5hours for a full system scan while mcafee takes about a quarter before hour. and the proctection og mcafee? realtime!

I agreed to duomaxwell22, same with me. I am mcafee lover.

"A clean system is a fast system".

I always keep my system as simple as it can be.

Mcafee for virus detection, Deepfreeze to lock and secure my system from any change, and RegistryBooster to clean/fix/defrag my systems' registry.

I agree with Sam, Spybot is an excellent program!
I generally use it "once" after a fresh install to my pc, scan my new pc and afterwards I uninstalled it! Only just to make sure my PC is clean from unwanted malware and spywares.

The idea is not to install too many programs that will likely affect speed performance. Running its process in the background and/or checking/downloading some updates really slows down your PC!


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