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--- Quote ---Would this Defender detect autorun.inf related malwares? since VSE8.5 only detect autorun file but not the actual malware that autorun file links to.
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I think that detection of new Malwares depend only from Latest Update Definitions, no matter VSE, BitDefender or any other AV.

Most of the time, Win.Def. seems to come with a clean chit for my PC. While I am careful, I wonder whether it is effective in cleaning stuff up. Maybe someone else has a better experience in showing results on infected PCs.

I wonder also whether Windows Defender actually clean stuff up and protects. It will however alert you when something changes (background software installations for instance) which is nice, it is free also.

Also you can easy setup Windows Defender to install over a corporate network with GPO (group policy) and have definitions automatically be updated through WSUS (windows software update server).

Defender will record in eventlog when policies or software changes occur; handy for troubleshooting.


--- Quote from: kike73 on 16. March 2009., 16:28:16 ---Windows Defender provides real-time protection against malware, without causing a drop in system performance.
Disable automatic execution of Windows Defender: The real-time protection of Windows Defender malware continues to run even though we have turned off their automatic execution.

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what are the plus's and minus's of the "automatic execution"?


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