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How Old Are You? :)

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The question is simple. How old are you guys?
Thought it could be fun to know..

I'm 32, as you see (Profile).  :P

Hmm... I'm not the youngest one here, am I?  ;D

Hm...hey I just noticed, I am one from the older member here!
That I do not know, am I oldest in here, maybe, I'm 56 years young... LOL ! :up:

I'm still alive as well.. ;D

well, here's a 40 years young!

57, soon to be 58.  So, as of this posting, I am the oldest.  Leaking oil but still running smoothly.  The data appears to support that those posting are 15 to 20 years junior to myself and Fintech.

Am currently preparing vegetables for our uniquely American Thanksgiving holiday.

Brilliant poll Samker!

hmm i am 22 seem that i am quite young in this forum hahaha


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