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Title: A Bottle of Your Finest Microsoft Wine, Please!
Post by: Amker on 17. September 2007., 20:11:16
If you are like me, then a fresh and cool bottle of Pinot Noir is your drug of choice. But if you work for Microsoft, then you can't possibly settle for anything less than a bottle of the company's branded wine. In the image on the left, you will be able to feast you eyes on a bottle of South African wine courtesy of the Stormhoek winery. And your eyes are about the only part of your body you will ever be able to rest on this very exclusive wine from the Blue Monster Reserve label. This because the Blue Monster wine is designed especially for "internal" use over at Microsoft. Own-label wine bottles are nothing new in the corporate world, 
and they serve primarily as an advertising tool. A  good bottle of wine is synonymous with a high level of
sophistication, and associating a company's brand with such an item can only be an argument of class.

Such is the case of the Blue Monster Microsoft wine. The Blue Monster is the child of cartoonist Hugh MacLeod, Stormhoek Marketing Strategist. MacLeod revealed that he came in contact with a variety of Microsoft employees that all had the same purpose in life – namely that of changing the world. "We sponsored a series of ‘geek dinners’ for bloggers and techies in the US and the UK. I met a lot of people from Microsoft through these dinners, and they all said the same thing: we want to change the world," MacLeod revealed as cited by Financial Times. "People see Microsoft as a big, bad corporate monster. Yet all the Microsofties I’ve spoken to say they just want to make great products and do good works. It was obvious that Microsoft had to get better at telling their story. Wine is a social object, and so is the Blue Monster: they both inspire conversation. And we thought the cartoon would look really cool on a bottle."

The Blue Monster and the "Change the world or go home" tagline is a big hit with the Microsoft employees, and is becoming an integer part of the company's culture. The fact that it has even made it on the label for the customized Microsoft wine is illustrative of its success and popularity. "I expect it will get a fair bit of interest from some of my wine loving friends and hopefully the geek fraternity. Like the Blue Monster itself, it starts a conversation and more often than not, a fun and slightly different one to the normal Microsoft conversations I get involved in," revealed Steve Clayton, Microsoft Chief Technology Officer
News source Softpedia