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Topic Summary

Posted by: RuskinF
« on: 18. June 2020., 15:41:28 »

The five types of firewall that I know of are:

1. Packet filtering firewall
2. Circuit-level gateway
3. Stateful inspection firewall
4. Application-level gateway (aka proxy firewall)
5. Next-generation firewall (NGFW)
Posted by: Suko
« on: 02. June 2020., 16:31:14 »

i forgot to write ipcop, it's totally free
Posted by: Suko
« on: 03. April 2020., 07:57:23 »

thanks, helpful tips.
Posted by: Akshay_M
« on: 02. October 2019., 18:57:41 »

Windows has a built in firewall. Any third party firewall will have to be paid for. You can try COMODO

Posted by: Mattlevy
« on: 30. October 2018., 13:53:28 »

thanks, helpful tips.
Posted by: ronyyroyals
« on: 30. April 2011., 22:41:54 »

 the best firewall program has become slightly outdated, but it still covers the strengths. And firewall has given perfect security to your data and stop unutilised.
Posted by: thomson5tran
« on: 18. March 2011., 06:19:39 »

Reading this Topic here you will get all the reviews of the best firewalls. Great! :up:
Posted by: john5brad
« on: 01. March 2011., 07:02:24 »

Thanks for the value info.
Posted by: jhonas
« on: 08. January 2011., 07:43:21 »

Thanks for sharing this great information.
Posted by: Samker
« on: 10. December 2010., 06:02:59 »


I use and recommend Comodo free firewall.

I agree, Comodo provide quite good protection... more info's about Comodo:,764.0.html

Posted by: alfiealvins
« on: 10. December 2010., 00:24:01 »

Windows Firewall (Vista or Windows 7 only) are sufficient, but Windows XPfirewall monitors incoming traffic  alone.  A firewall must be bi-directional to be effective. So if you use Windows XP, I strongly recommend that third-party firewall instead of Windows XP firewall. I use and recommend Comodo free firewall.
Posted by: vaxile
« on: 11. November 2010., 12:09:51 »

Posted by: hkw
« on: 21. September 2010., 17:38:44 »

Thanks for the information.
Posted by: alexrock23
« on: 26. May 2010., 10:05:59 »

Really useful information has been post in this thread.There are too many variables to suggest that setting up any (software) firewall (on its own) to give 100% protection is possible, because it isn't. Setting up a firewall to give an 'optimum' level of protection which will adequately protect 95% of us however is easily achievable with a little time and a little knowledge. The knowledge can be obtained via Google, but if you don't have the time (or the inclination) then you must choose a multiple protection product like CIS, OA or PC Tools.....and pray! This is because even though such firewalls offer multiple levels of protection they still "recognize" certain other applications as "trusted" (namely Microsoft) which belong to the very category in which many of the vulnerabilities exist.
Posted by: Samker
« on: 14. March 2010., 12:40:20 »

:) best use for my case , if you have a old pc, use this pc for a firewall and install on hit ipcop =>

;D i forgot write ipcop, it's totally free  :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

Thanks, nice Tip.  :up:

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