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Posted by: servermania
« on: 09. June 2016., 14:40:08 »

thanks for sharing this post with us
Posted by: devnullius
« on: 15. January 2014., 22:11:04 »

Today (, Giovanni mentioned a new tool (which should give more tools according to the website)


Links on this site were blocked by AdMuncher. AM disabled, I get a strange proxy upstream error :|

I do not trust this site for one bit, trying to buy does not work (404), while another link does work. Nowhere is mentioned what the difference is between pro and free (free saves, at least 1 by 1, all found).

So not downloading - leaving it overnight for the next Giveaway of the Day ;p

Previous post should have all you need? :) Let us  know more!


EDIT: Nov. 2014: might contain some more? Please check for yourself ♥,8170.0.html
Posted by: devnullius
« on: 27. December 2013., 12:29:22 »

(ANDROID users should also keep an eye out on this page:,8376.0.html)

On the shoulders of Giants...

End 2013 I copy pasted this article together (****

So I made an overview of the “free” programs everybody keeps mentioning – including Giovanni ;p And I updated this early 2014 with the latest tips I could find.

The following tools mostly are NOT free, but DEMO or LIMITED in amount of data. That will not do: it’s all or nothing for me to be free.

Not fully free and does not save ANY data (only preview):
- (I nor Google have ANY idea what the free version can do; for me, it only opens IE man page. But they DO have payed versions… So off my list ;p)

Not fully free are and limited in amount of data to recover:
- (2GB, but implies full recovery when Windows still boots…)
- (10 files)
- (MiniTool – 1GB)

Truly free, no commercial version available (at most donation):
- (TestDisk + PhotoRec)
- also see next list where Tim Fisher “… didn’t include file recovery programs that are shareware/free trials, nor ones that won’t undelete reasonably sized files.”

This excellent article by Tim at

Tim even gives you advice on when to use a specific program and when not. I like it. Author promises they are all full versions… Or at least, not limited to preview or only small amount of files. My info sometimes contradict his insights. I chose the ones we both agree on:
- (Looks impressive!)
- (Brian Kato – anyone??)
- (should do HDD too?)
- (“I don’t think so, Tim” ;p)
- (File Recovery 4.x)
- (for memory cards)

!! Also take a look at this wiki, from Giovanni :)

Giovanni gives us these extra programs, also truly free (and again; I differ on opinion with Giovanni of what is ‘true’ free;)
- (WinUtilities Undelete 3.1)
- (Unstoppable Copier – robocopy alternative)
- (CD/DVD only; product abandoned by development)
- (CD/DVD/BlueRay – mixed features; but when your format is supported, it is fully supported. Check the chart first)

And also from Giovanni (thx!), fully free when it comes to restoring PARTITIONS – ignore file recovery:
- (MiniTool Power Data Recovery Free)
- (EaseUS Partition Recovery)

Lastly, some tools to repair corrupt files:
- Giovanni:
--> **. Definitely looks worth a look.
--> Office repair tools here: ***. I do not know for sure if they are free, but it looks that way... Inform me when I am wrong, I'll take them off the list again!
- Samker*: PST and OST repair (free)
--> and
- . Gives instructions on manual repair. XML old-school I guess? ;p

So, all in all, this has become a very nice list, thanks to all the critics on giveawayoftheday  8)

Thank you all for this begin-2014 round-up for truly free full featured data recovery software titles! Let 2014 Gremlins come…

My collection of downloadable data recovery softwares, here: . They are all full versions given away once for free with public keys / registrations / no limitations.

… Peace ; -)


~~~ ~~~

Cuisvis hominis est errare, nullius nisi insipientis in errore persevare
All spelling mistakes are my own and may only be distributed under the GNU General Public License! – (© 95-1 by Coredump; 2-014 by DevNullius)

** also was a giveaway, see here:,8178.msg20803.html#msg20803
**** And for 7-Data Giveaways… We HATE data recovery licenses that are time-limited. You are the only one who does this. I do not think you are powerful enough to change the market in this respect…

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