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Posted by: vindyne8
« on: 21. July 2018., 19:57:10 »

Modex Head of Blockchain Innovation, Vali Malinoiu will hold a webinar on July 25th at 5 PM EEST, where he will showcase how #developers can join the Modex Developer Platform community and monetize their #blockchain development skills.

Specially tailored to empower developers, Modex Developer Platform is a user friendly environment which comes with an inbuilt set of tools which will enable developers to create the next generation of smart contracts. Project repository, issue tracking, project documentation and collaboration tools are some of the functionalities which will be covered during the webinar.

In order to participate please register with your first name and email address here:

If you are a developer, join Modex in its quest to spearhead widespread blockchain adoption!
Posted by: vindyne8
« on: 21. July 2018., 16:06:01 »

From Mihai in telegram yesterday:

Hello guys, we had a lot of discussions this week at the Board Meeting and with our new institutional contributors and Team Members. As we were always here to update you and really value your support, i am making on behalf of our team the following statements, showcasing our strategic moves, for the good of the project:

1. We strongly believe that there is a clear need for mature projects in the market, back by proper teams, funding and real product market fit, with a clear utility for the token. So even if when we first wrote the whitepaper, we never hoped that this year we will launched, with the help of the great tech team and our new advisors and programmers, we’ve managed to beat that dealine and deliver not just the Marketplace, but also the Development Platform. Please check it out

2. Since we have decided to push a lot and win another 3 extra months of development by scaling up our team, we are now on schedule to launch the environment on the 15th of September, with the Test Net, Suite of Oracles and IDE. So if we all made this crazy push, we prefered to concentrate the energy now on developer onboarding, hackatons and partnerships instead of doubling our effort with the live ICO. More substance and users, more traction in the public sale, more awareness for the Token.

3. We became a regulated ICO under the Gibraltar jurisdiction and we are now in the process of getting our DLT Blockchain licence, becoming one of the first companies in the world to receive that soon, and there is a lot of work to comply with those strict rules of managing properly a distrubuted ledger technology. Important to reach that important goal at the time of the Token release.

4. The markets are bad now and summer is a big distraction from
Real business in this space, as you are all aware. So instead of losing energy and momentum with marketing and asking people to follow, we prefer to put all of that in an extra effort with the tech team and push the official launch of the product in September. By that time we would have validated the dev platform
with 6 hackatons and made partnerships with some important development communities.

5. As we are way ahead the schedule and we will release the Unified Developer Platform and Marketplace one year ahead of the schedule, on the 15th of September, we are considering moving the final release of the tokens on that date, during the public ICO, and we can assure you 100% that this is the final change in our timeline for many reasons, the most important being your clear interest for the Token and your right to receive it as soon as possible but also an important one: The fact that as Modex Token is the governing Token of the Modex ecosystem, the transactions on the platform
cannot be operated without the Token so we will for sure launch and distribute the token in order to launch officialy the marketplace and dev tools, to allow developers to get paid and clients to buy from them in Modex Tokens.

6. As a final note, as i understand you are interested to protect your contribution and support us with pleasure, i am adding another 5% bonus Modex Tokens to your balance, even if the market is not good at the moment as i feel obliged to reward your patience and support for us.

We are now a team of 50 thanks to all of you and we do maximum every day to over deliver and add a real product in the blockchain space. Tomorrow we are supporting another important hackaton on our infrastructure and we will show you the results immediately after.

Thank you again for supporting us, we are adapting our strategy to market conditions and also aligning that with our technical developments. We are always here to respond, thank you very much, your wallets will be updated soon!
Posted by: vindyne8
« on: 17. July 2018., 00:56:57 »

From the Modex team:

It is our greatest pleasure to invite you to the Focus on Blockchain meet & greet event on July 18, at 19:00. The event is hosted by Modex Blockchain Labs and organized in partnership with Business Review.

Posted by: vindyne8
« on: 11. July 2018., 16:32:40 »

Blockchain — helping refugees and changing the way we vote
Blockchain has the potential to disrupt a large number of domains and change the lives of many for the better. Hailed as the next innovation frontier, this cutting-edge technology could help millions of refugees, by solving some of the most critical problems they face, and it can change the way we vote.
Read the whole post here:

Posted by: vindyne8
« on: 09. July 2018., 21:23:49 »

Exploring the different types of blockchain

Blockchain ranks among the hottest trends in tech. Although it has a been around for many years, people are just beginning to explore how it can be used in order to disrupt existing frameworks, rejuvenating both the industry and business sector.

Read more here:
Posted by: vindyne8
« on: 04. July 2018., 17:25:25 »

A match made in blockchain: cryptocurrency and talent recruiting
Is blockchain — the revolutionary technology behind Bitcoin — able to revolutionize the field of recruiting and HR processes? Can cryptocurrencies add a new twist on how the employees are paid? We believe so. Here’s how!
Read the rest here:
Posted by: vindyne8
« on: 02. July 2018., 17:49:12 »

Modex’s IDE, a game-changing tool for every blockchain developer
Modex unveiled its cutting edge Unified Developer Environment on June 16th, at the newly inaugurated Modex Labs. Composed of a series of innovative tools specially tailored to fit the developers’ needs, Modex UDE comes with its own Solidity dedicated IDE which will streamline blockchain and DApps development.
Read the rest here:

Posted by: vindyne8
« on: 29. June 2018., 22:18:32 »

Duplicate Analysis — Modex’s innovative answer to plagiarized smart contracts
Modex, the world’s first App Store for blockchain, continues to set the benchmark even higher. Part of its Developer Platform launched on June 16th, Bytecode Analysis (also called Analysis Infrastructure) is a game-changing tool which helps both developers and companies looking for secure, already audited and verified smart contracts. Vali Malinoiu, Head of Blockchain Innovation at Modex: “I don’t think anyone else has integrated such innovative features into a tailored platform for blockchain so far and I’m sure that Modex’s Unified Developer Environment (UDE) is one of the first of its kind!”
Read more here:
Posted by: vindyne8
« on: 27. June 2018., 19:43:16 »

Quantum Computing and blockchain technology
Commenting on the subject of quantum computers and their impact on blockchain technology, Modex CTO Alin Iftemi stated “It’s highly unlikely that blockchain is in danger at the moment. Although quantum computers offer incredible processing power, they are very fragile machines which function only in specific conditions. Not to mention that you would require government level spending in order to maintain and operate such a machine. This factor alone significantly diminishes the threat posed by quantum computers, they aren’t available to anyone. On the other hand, blockchain technology already has 10 years under its belt, and is constantly evolving, becoming more complex. When quantum computers become available, in 20 to 30 years, blockchain and public key cryptography will also become much more advanced than what we have today.”
Read the more here:
Posted by: vindyne8
« on: 25. June 2018., 18:53:29 »

Together for a good cause: Modex at Hacking for Humanity Romania 2018
Between 22–24th June, the second edition of Hacking for Humanity Romania took place in Romania’s capital, Bucharest. During this hackathon, developers, designers, students, entrepreneurs and educators gathered to present and to develop solutions for social problems focused on environment, autism and natural disasters. Modex, the world’s first App Store for blockchain, was the presenting sponsor.
Read more here:
Posted by: vindyne8
« on: 20. June 2018., 16:08:57 »

Join the Whitelist Now

With each passing day, we get closer to 25th of July, when the Modex ITO is scheduled to start. It’s a pretty exciting deadline and we have been working hard behind the scenes to ensure that we grow the Modex Marketplace and finalize
building the Unified Developers Environment.

Posted by: vindyne8
« on: 19. June 2018., 16:43:25 »

Modex Unified Developer Surroundings

Modex unveils its innovative Unified Developer Surroundings.
Composed of a collection of instruments specifically designed to answer developer’s wants, Modex UDE comes with its personal Solidity devoted IDE, fused with a check web atmosphere, bytecode evaluation, block explorer, and a set of oracles which is able to allow developers to push the boundaries of blockchain…

Posted by: vindyne8
« on: 18. June 2018., 20:23:25 »

We're proud to be partnering with Hacking for Humanity Romania 2018!
Come join us this weekend for a #Hackathon that promotes gender equality, bridging the gap in the technology and startup spaces.
#GirlsInTech #Modex

Posted by: vindyne8
« on: 18. June 2018., 16:29:49 »

From CEO, Mihai Ivascu:
So honoured to support with Modex performance at the highest level!
Great performance for Rebelion Racing!
#lemans24h @modex_tech

Posted by: vindyne8
« on: 15. June 2018., 16:48:41 »

Modex, proudly supporting at Le Mans 24h Race one of the best young drivers, Gustavo Menezes, Rebellion Racing star and ex-Le Mans winner

Modex, the world’s first app store for the Blockchain, moves into a higher gear and is proudly supporting Gustavo Menezes, driving for Rebellion at this year’s Le Mans competition. On June 16–17, the Modex logo will be displayed on the sides of Gustavo Menezes’s Oreca R-13 racecar, which is competing in LMP1 class at the world-famous 24 Hours of Le Mans.

Read more here:

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