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Topic Summary

Posted by: Selfllery
« on: 22. March 2018., 12:39:14 »

Great news!

SELFLLERY becomes even more multifunctional !
Now it’s possible to purchase YOU tokens with Bitcoin and ERC20 tokens!
You can buy our tokens with ETH, BTC ,EOS, TRX,OMG, ICX, BNB, DGD,PPT, MKR, SNT tokens.

Buy it now

Posted by: Sid_089z
« on: 20. March 2018., 16:56:39 »

Buterin in the photo. Wow! It is good that the project is presented at various conferences and forums. This inspires confidence. And the truth is that they are striving to realize their project. Appear at such events is very strong. It is necessary in this case to support both the reputation and the implementation of the project.
Posted by: Selfllery
« on: 20. March 2018., 10:50:06 »

Block Chain Finance & Fin-tech China 2018

SELFLLERY’s core team was participating in the conference 4th annual “Block Chain Finance & Fin-tech China 2018”.
The event gathered almost 1000 attendees, 100 prominent speakers reported about blockchain and fin-tech trends, dozens of investors came on the 15-16 March to Shanghai.
We keep introducing SELFLLERY to a world!

Hurry up and take part in the TGE, which will last until the 26th of March.

Posted by: Selfllery
« on: 18. March 2018., 16:16:56 »

Take part in the photo revolution!

The first steps of the implementation have already been done, the only thing that is left is your support! It is important to bring a unique idea of SELFLLERY to life!

We believe that we will overcome all the difficulties on our way and will be able to change the attitude of people to visual content on a global level.

Join us right now, during the TGE!

Posted by: Selfllery
« on: 16. March 2018., 18:22:33 »

How many tokens are already implemented?
Hello! The latest information can be found at Since the sum of the implemented YOU tokens varies.
Posted by: Selfllery
« on: 16. March 2018., 16:55:01 »

And someone has already earned money?
Hello! More than 8000 users are registered in the SELFLERY MVP. Each exhibits a photo and shows its activity. If the account receives 1000 likes, then you accrue 1 YOU token.
Posted by: Selfllery
« on: 16. March 2018., 16:43:02 »

And when will the working prototype be released?
Hello! Thank you for asking. At the moment there is MVP SELFLLERY. This platform is still at the development stage. The final result of the platform will be released after the collection of investments during the TGE. At the same time, updates will be released.
Posted by: Selfllery
« on: 16. March 2018., 14:26:20 »

5 differences of SELFLLERY from other social networks

For such a short period of existence, the multi-functional platform SELFLLERY has already managed to gain wide popularity among photographers and photo lovers. In this regard, some of the users of leading social networks such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and others are wondering about the difference between SELFLLERY from Instagram, as well as Friendz, Nimses, Steepshot and Pinterest.
The main features of SELFLLERY
Perhaps, before we start to speak about differences, it is worth noting that SELFLLERY is a platform, not a social network, and this is important! Also it is not less important that it has no direct competitors and certainly no analogues, since it has quite unique goals.
The social platform has 5 main differences that make it exceptional in comparison with existing resources of visual content. They are as follows:
 -          Users can monetize their own photos, videos and live streams in the game format;
 -          They can support charitable organizations and foundations by means of donation from 5 to 100% of income. The company itself will donate 10% of its income;
 -          Companies can use convenient and effective marketing tools for promotion;
 -          It will expand the market of photo and video materials for companies and news portals, as well as provide a convenient search for content;
 -          And integrate modern technologies and capabilities of the blockchain into the ecosystem of digital photos, increasing the transparency and security of transactions on this market.
The analysis of the "similar" to SELFLLERY resources
Let's take a closer look at what "similar" social networks offer which are supposedly the competitors of SELFLLERY.
The well-known Instagram application is designed for sharing photos and videos, providing an opportunity to take pictures inside the social network, as well as apply filters to them. Users can give to each other's likes and leave comments below the publications.

The social network Nimses evaluates with digital currency every minute of activity within the application. All users have their own account showing the amount of digital currency Nimb, which is withdrawn from the balance for posting the publication and for likes that the user gives to others.

Friendz is a marketing tool based on blockchain, designed to bring together users and brands. Each platform user can take part in any advertising campaign, for which he will receive a reward in the form of tokens.
The Steepshot application developed on the basis of the social network Steemit provides the only way to monetize visual content - converting the received likes into Steem tokens.
Social photo service Pinterest is a photobank where you can upload images, sort them into thematic collections and share them with other users.
Main advantages for SELFLLERY users
There, on SELFLLERY platform, will operate a charity module, photo contests, photo quests, a photobank, a marketplace, as well as a module of copyright and authenticity of content. Moreover, the platform provides the possibility of earning crypto currency for the received likes, selling photos in a photobank, participating in advertising campaigns, photography competitions and photo quests. Each user will have a personal token ratio.
The result of the comparative analysis
As you can see, Instagram does not provide a reward system for its users for published content and social activity, Nimses has a completely different concept of realization, Friendz is only aimed at involving people in promotion of brands, Steepshot provides the only way to receive crypto currency, and Pinterest is just a resource that combines images from all over the world.
SELFLLERY also brings people from different fields of activity with different kinds of interest to improve the quality of visual content, which will radically change the attitude towards social life at the global level in the nearest future.


Join SELFLLERY using the link:

Posted by: Matthew_089zf
« on: 16. March 2018., 12:00:57 »

How many tokens are already implemented?
Posted by: Matthew_089zf
« on: 16. March 2018., 11:48:37 »

And when will the working prototype be released?
Posted by: Matthew_089zf
« on: 15. March 2018., 16:30:07 »

And someone has already earned money?
Posted by: Selfllery
« on: 14. March 2018., 10:37:22 »

SELFLLERY will teach you how to earn money on photos!

Yes, you've heard it right, now selfie, pictures of cat and any other visual content will work for your wallet. What is necessary is just to help SELFLLERY a little bit to maximize its potential.

The project was presented publicly at "Bitcoin Russia 2018 in Moscow", "Blockchain & Bitcoin conference in Turkey", "The Leading Conference on Decentralization" and other conferences. Also SELFLLERY was pointed out by the American Forbes, as a company that changes the game of the blockchain of 2018.

Support us during TGE!

Posted by: Selfllery
« on: 13. March 2018., 09:47:56 »

Let's turn the world of photography upside-down together!

We have already taken the first step to implement our project. There is still a long and difficult way to go, we believe in our idea and are ready to fight for it.

Support us !

Posted by: Selfllery
« on: 12. March 2018., 08:22:09 »


We are starting new era of visual content monetization.

Buy YOU tokens right now! CLick here!

Posted by: Selfllery
« on: 11. March 2018., 13:23:56 »

There are many great opportunities on the Internet, as well as there are many scams.
Scammers quite often create mini-websites which look similar to the original website and place them at domains which look similar to the original one, but with small typos difficult to see at first glance.

Such fake websites are called “fishing” websites.
They are created for not so attentive users who can“catch the bait” and give out their logins and passwords.

SELFLLERY is a reputable and legitimate platform. We suggest a step-by-step guide how to tell the difference between SELFLLERY and a copy.
Click here to read guide:

If you have any questions about the project, we are ready to answer in our telegram chat.


For more information, read on our pages:
Token generation event: our website
Website project:  SELFLLERY
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