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Title: Best Performance High-Speed LiteSpeed Server
Post by: DaniMogan on 12. January 2018., 05:57:35
We use LiteSpeed Web Server because we believe in researching different technologies to bring our users top of the line performance, stability, and security.

LiteSpeed's provides various advantages:

Unrivaled PHP suEXEC performance for shared hosting. LiteSpeed web hosting ( exclusive server API (LSAPI) delivers the best dynamic content performance. Log Shipping Management, which now supports SQL Server 2005 Standard Edition, configures and monitors both LiteSpeed and native log shipping plans.

The latest release of LiteSpeed for SQL Server 5.0.2 includes the following features:

Currently, if you do not use the T-WAF, this means Litespeed does not support the following features: When using the rules directly with Litespeed, please see the official Litespeed page for what rule language features Litespeed supports: LITESPEED TACHYON -. The Tachyon (tack-e-on, like tachyon bounce in TNG) Is made from 3Al-2.5V Titanium tubes.
For the best performance, the Litespeed web server has three editions. Which are as follows-
1) OpenLiteSpeed Edition -
This edition is generally used for Large, High - traffic websites. However, this edition is not compatible with any hosting control panel. It's an opensource edition and free for personal and commercial uses.

2) Standard Edition -
This edition is generally used for Small, Low - traffic websites and its also compatible with hosting control panels such as WHM / Cpanel & Direct Admin. This edition is a free edition and can be used for personal or commercial purposes.

3) Enterprise Edition -
This edition is widely used for Large, High - traffic websites and its compatible with hosting control panels. The enterprise edition is widely used by Leading Web hosting organizations to provide an excellent web hosting experience for their valuable clients. Enterprise edition has the highest level of stability and is supported by cPanel. It also integrates with the DirectAdmin control panel.

Title: Re: Best performance high speed litespeed Server
Post by: sktthemes on 14. June 2018., 06:50:27
yes litespeed servers make a website fast, If you used high quality video and images in your WordPress themes reduce the size of video or compressed it. This is the one things to speed up your website.
Title: Re: Best performance high speed litespeed Server
Post by: DavidMichael on 05. July 2018., 12:23:21
Yes, It is a lite speed server that makes a website a fast upload video, audio, image and many more this is a great thing to fast your website.