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Title: Weighted Blanket
Post by: Cherry99 on 22. April 2019., 20:34:44
Hi all,

I'm wondering if anyone else uses a weighted blanket for either insomnia or anxiety relief.

My therapist uses one on me during sessions. It's amazing how the weight calms me instantly!

Weighted blankets are most commonly used for those with autism spectrum disorders. However, they are helpful to those with anxiety, insomnia, ptsd, etc. Many of the websites that make the blankets are geared toward providing blankets for children, but these blankets can be beneficial to those of any age.

I'm excited because I asked for one for my birthday and my dad said I could get one! I just need to call the blanket company next week to determine the specifics of my blanket (many sites custom make your blanket...size, weight, material, etc, so they aren't exactly cheap!)

Right now I pile on the blankets and wear a very heavy cable-knit sweater to weigh me down at night. I'm glad to be getting my own blanket as I hope it helps with my parasomnia as well.

Does anyone else use a weighted blanket?