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Title: Salma Market The Best Forex Broker
Post by: shariarporosh on 23. September 2019., 08:02:55
SALMAMARKET Best global financial markets broker 2018 and - Most transparent broker 2018
Salma Markets Companies Corp is a leading international brokerage firm, offering various financial services relating to Forex and CFD trading. The company was founded in 2014 and we have a network of over 20 offices in Asian countries. Salma Markets is fully regulated and compliant with the IFSC.
Salma Markets has established a powerful market presence in Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, and Philippines.  We are planning to set up more offices in order to fully cover the entire international territory. We provide consultancy support to online trading for everyone who wants to enter financial markets, especially to novices and enthusiasts with a desire to succeed in Forex.

Congratulations on your award-winning success. For - Best global financial markets broker 2018 and - Most transparent broker 2018.
What initiatives do you feel have contributed to your success?
Thank you for the Award, We have a strong service culture. Our management exemplify and take the lead in promoting this. Our efforts to instill the culture of service start from the recruitment of suitable staff, proper induction and training.
To enhance and strengthen our staff’s service attitude we conduct sharing meetings, training, and customer care campaigns.  We invested in an electronic feedback system that enables us to monitor customer’s reaction to our service and we do yearly customer service surveys.

What is the main key to success in Forex industry?
Our Goal is to give the direct market access for all traders to our liquidity providers. We believe to give best advantages and first class service is the key to develop our business. We are commitment to give straight access to our liquidity providers.
Salma Markets has partnered with some of the most important forex liquidity providers to assure our clients that they benefit from the most competitive prices and best execution quality.
Our liquidity pool is strong as a result of our strong relationships with reputable banks and financial institutions. We have structured our services to provide institutional trading capabilities to all of our clients, whether large or small, professional trader or beginner.

In your opinion, what are the current challenges and opportunities facing the Forex sector in Asia?
The forex sector in Asia is developing fast. New forex brokers are opening with the rising confidence in the Asia. Salma Markets is expanding too – opening new branches in the capital city and in key provinces and localities.
With the opening of competitor brokers and branches, we need suitably qualified and experienced staff with the right attitude for service. Further, we need to invest substantially in IT, promotion and improving our delivery channels to meet the changing needs of our customers.

What advice would you give new traders?
Learn about the markets, study the best practices in trading, and be aware of the risks involved. Start small and only use money you can afford to lose. Don’t expect to get rich overnight. Learning to trade successfully takes time to master

Do you have other innovative products you’ll be launching this year?
We are constantly looking at means to enhance the experience our customers have with Salma Markets. In doing so, we look out for innovative solutions as well as enhancements to our existing offerings. As of now, our product portfolio is quite diverse with offerings to large or small, professional trader or beginner.
We will augment these offerings through the deployment of digital solutions thereby increasing customer convenience. We will also come up with new products in response to the evolving customer dynamics. As we have now embarked on a digitally driven journey, our core focus in terms of innovation would be in that line.

What is your broker strategy for 2019?

In 2019 we will continue to innovate and expand our network of branches to other key country in Asia. We will develop and improve on the payment platform – particularly for China, and for transacting locally. We will keep doing what we do best: provide the Best Customer Service to our customers.