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Title: Opera 9.5 to include malware prevention tech
Post by: Samker on 10. June 2008., 11:17:47

Oslo-based Opera Software has teamed up with Haute Secure in order to deliver a safer browsing experience in the future. The partnership will see the upcoming Opera 9.5 browser incorporate Haute Secure’s advanced malware prevention technology which keeps users from accidentally or unknowingly downloading rogue malware designed to steal personal data such as credit card numbers, passwords and other identity information.

"When someone downloads Opera, we make a commitment to do everything we can to keep them safe," said Jon von Tetzchner, CEO, Opera. "Today we’ve extended that commitment beyond the browser to protect our users from malware that tries to attack when they visit a compromised Web page or that they may unintentionally try to download. Haute Secure’s prevention technology is reinventing Web-based threat detection and we look forward to working together in protecting our users all over the world."

News Source: Kaldata