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Title: Anonymous Bitcoin Wallet No Verification id (no KYC)
Post by: Nsatsdja on 02. July 2020., 09:43:20
( - Anonymous Bitcoin wallet aimed at privacy. Includes all modern developments and technologies of anonymity.

1) The wallet supports work through TOR and VPN.

2) Private keys are in your possession and are fully encrypted.

3) Creates a new address, every time you accept and send a transaction.

4) Does not require the input of personal data, verification.

The wallet itself is very lightweight, for the operation of which you do not need to download the entire blockchain. It allows you to generate a new address for each transaction. Absolutely Anonymous Bitcoin wallet without ID verification (no KYC).

Why use anonymous bitcoin wallets?

Because it is not safe to store cryptocurrency on the exchange. This should be understood even by beginners, because there are plenty of examples when hackers stole funds in one way or another hacking even the top cryptocurrency exchanges. Therefore, transferring your savings from the exchange to your personal wallet will be a very good idea. It’s best to transfer your funds to a cold or anonymous Bitcoin wallet.

Since we are talking about security, it will not be out of place to mention anonymity, which is also one of the aspects of security (by the way, not only in cryptocurrencies, but also on the Internet in general). Anonymity allows you to separate information about funds and transactions from personal information, which significantly reduces the likelihood of tracking funds or the ability to somehow compromise the user or his accumulation.