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Title: 25,000 Brits in Trouble Over Illegal Downloads
Post by: Samker on 20. August 2008., 15:41:02

In the United Kingdom, several video game companies are cooking up a major assault against illegal downloads, demanding payment from thousands of families who obtained the latest releases via the Web without paying.

Word has it that top developers "will serve notice on 25,000 people across the UK, requiring each one to pay £300 immediately to settle out of court. Those who refuse risk being taken to court. The companies will target their initial legal actions on 500 people who ignore the letters."

The companies in question are Atari, Topware Interactive, Reality Pump, Techland and Codemasters. Further details on this are available at

Also, just so you get a clearer picture on the UK gaming scene, game sales are predicted to reach £2 billion this year, while consoles such as the Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii are expected to hit 9.1 million.

News Source: Actiontrip