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Title: After Panda, "Immunet" also Introduces Cloud Based Free Antivirus
Post by: devilishere on 03. September 2009., 14:20:46

Basic Description

Immunet was founded in July of 2008 by Anti-Virus industry veterans to address a sweeping shift in the threat landscape. This shift, demonstrated by a rapid exponential increase in the volume of threats, renders the technologies used by existing industry players obsolete. In plainer language, people are still getting viruses at alarming rates and traditional Anti-Virus software is not keeping up or keeping people well protected.

Immunet is the developer of next generation AntiVirus and desktop security technologies. Immunet is developing technologies that focus on new approaches to protecting our users. We are moving the AV protection world off of your desktop and into the cloud where we harness it with the power of your friends, family and broader community. By leveraging the power of community we are changing the landscape of virus detection and prevention.

Immunet is committed to protecting you better, and we believe that one should not have to pay a large yearly fee in order to remain protected. As such, Immunet offers free alternatives to existing AntiVirus companies. We also believe that your AntiVirus product need not be large and slow, priding ourselves on a small footprint and efficiency. By leveraging leading edge technologies and taking a fresh approach to the decades old problem, Immunet is able to meet these goals and make the Internet a safer place.

We are committed to putting our customers first, and are always willing to hear how we might serve you better.

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